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6 Best Chess Games for Android in 2021

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6 Best Chess Games for Android in 2021 – Android games present various genres that are quite challenging. One of them is the best Android chess game 2021 guaranteed to drain the brain. If you look at the PlayStore app, it is clear that chess games have been downloaded hundreds of thousands to millions of times.

Chess is the most appropriate sport to hone players’ brains through strategy. The existence of this Android chess game makes it easy for anyone to play chess anywhere. So that novice chess players can upgrade their skills.

You can try to play chess against the AI ​​or invite friends. The following list of 6 best Android chess games in 2021 is a must try. Some of them have HD graphic display and are equipped with the most advanced features.

Top 6 Best Chess Games for Android in 2021

Want to fill your spare time but confused about what to do? Try other interesting games from the best site. Here’s a list of the best Android chess games:

1. Chess Free

Currently playing chess is lighter because there is no need to carry a heavy chessboard. You can use your smartphone and download the game app Chess Free. As a result, ready to play chess anytime and anywhere.

In the game Chess Free, players fight against a very tough AI. This game is recognized to present AI with high intelligence and is difficult to beat. Many players are only able to beat the AI ​​at the early levels of the game. Moreover, to conquer the king of Chess Free requires mature skills and strategies.

2. Chess

Furthermore, Chess became one of the best Android chess games of the year. You can download it for free via the Play Store and play it right away. Game Chess is said to be not much different from the game Chess Free.

Where you will compete against AI with different difficulty levels. Try to compete with your friends using multiplayer mode. One of the advantages of the Chess game is the choice of 5 display themes that can be changed according to the taste of the player. Regarding the effects and sound of this game, there is no need to doubt because the quality is guaranteed.

3. Real Chess

Real Chess is a chess game released by the developer Alienforce. This one game has an AI that is difficult to beat. When viewed through the PlayStore, it turns out that the Real Chess game has been downloaded up to 300,000 times. The game is equipped with various features that are compatible with Android smartphones.

In addition, players are offered 2400 levels of play to fight AI which is quite difficult. However, if you are a beginner, you don’t need to be afraid because there is a hint feature to practice. The advantage of the Real Chess game is that the 3D animation that is displayed is of high quality.

4. Chess – Play & Learn

Chess-Play and Learn is one of the best Android chess games favored by beginners. This game also presents a good way to play chess. The advantages of Chess – Play & Learn include providing 50,000 levels of difficulty, knowledge of chess, and puzzles.

5. Chess With Friends Free

Chess With Friends Free is a popular and favorite chess game for android. You can try it with friends or against AI with different levels. If there are no friends to play with, then try the random online opponent selection feature. Chess With Friends Free is also equipped with chat facilities with fellow players.

6. Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles)

In the game of chess, the right strategy and tactics are needed so that you are not easily defeated. Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles) will help you learn various tactics in chess. You can start at the lowest level to get used to fighting AI. This game can be played online and offline. / Dy

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