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7 Elements Slot Online Review: Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

The 7 Elements Slot Online machine was created by 4ThePlayer. Free spins, wilds, stacked reels, multipliers, and a collection feature are important features. It is a very risky slot machine with a potential payout of 25,000 times your wager and a 95% RTP.

The 4ThePlayer studio created the 7 Elements slot onlinemachine with a unique aesthetic. The Future Powers mode, an intriguing concept that functions as a sort of in-game loyalty program, lies at the center of the gameplay. Later, more on that.

Overall, this release offers a fresh perspective on slot play in addition to some timeless bonus features that the majority of players will never get tired of. You will be relieved to learn that gameplay in this heroic elemental theme, which is loud and brazen from the first spin, still includes free spins and multipliers. Here at Slots Online, you may get the 7 Elements free play trial.

Theme, Graphics & Soundtrack

7 Elements appears to have a lot going on at first. The game interface is jam-packed with a sizable reel space, enormous symbols, numerous buttons and settings, and a quartet of new superheroes who we should all embrace. There is a lot to process. However, the superhero concept does appear to have a too-wide arc.

During gaming, the grandiose soundtrack plays in the background and is unimportant. When it comes to the noises you hear as the reels are spinning, the retro sounds take center stage. Once you access the bonus features, the visuals advance, but the gameplay doesn’t really improve.

In conclusion, the cluttered superhero game screen in 7 Elements never fully soars graphically during the additional features.

7 Elements RTP & Volatility

With an RTP of 95%, 7 Elements falls short of the norm among Slots Temple’s expanding selection of online slots. The game’s high volatility and overall performance are matched by its ultimate payout, which is worth 25,000 times your initial wager.

How To Play 7 Elements Slot Online

An overview of how to use the 7 Elements slot online demo is as follows:

  • To get the reels spinning, press the 7 Elements button.
  • The “+” and “-” icons can be used to modify your total bet.
  • The menu button provides access to the paytable and game regulations.
  • a play button

How To Win

You are sent to a 6×3 slot layout with 4,096 total possibilities to win when playing 7 Elements. All wins begin on the leftmost reel and require three or more symbols to result in payouts, which range from 0.3x for the lowest-priced water element character to 6x for the highest-priced character.

The game’s bonus features, along with information on the Future Powers game mode, are where many of the top wins in the game are found.

7 Elements Future Powers & Power Effects

The exciting new game mode that 4ThePlayer hopes to introduce to the slot machine industry is called Future Powers. What is the point of it, even if it does take off? Numerous Power Effects can increase winnings as well as games in general. Above the reels, you can see the Current Power in action.

The “additional info” and “swap” buttons should be clicked in that order to display a grid of all possible abilities. Play on to obtain all these abilities and have the freedom to switch them out whenever you like. Above the reels, there is a Future Power section that lists upcoming powers that will be made available soon.

Free Spins

You will receive 10 free spins if you land three or more diamond scatters on a single spin. This feature has a lot of potential because more scatters give you multipliers that can reach 1,000x.

A symbol collection mode is also available. The hero figures have gems linked to them, and the hero meters are visible to the left and right of the reels. Fill up the meter to earn extra rewards:

  • Additional free spins for Water Hero
  • Greater multipliers for Fire Hero
  • Wild reels with flying heroes that go wild
  • Nature Hero: Natural phenomenon heroes become reel stacks.


With its commitment to “a fresh slots experience,” the 7 Elements slot machine distinguishes itself from the competition. People like 4ThePlayer are necessary to advance online casino bp77 gaming site, or at least try to. This has a video game-like feel to it where players strive to gain new abilities.

Free spins, multipliers, and the symbol collection mode all contribute to keeping the release from alienating the general public completely. With its “standard” list of characteristics, 7 Elements helps close the gap for those who prefer to wait until new concepts have had time to sink in.

We anticipate that the 4ThePlayer portfolio will continue to grow as a result of the new feature. However, it is too soon to say for sure if it will leave a lasting impression on the development of slots. The 7 Elements slot online has playable content if you can look past its somewhat colorful aesthetics.

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