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Asian Handicap Goal Line

Asian Handicap Goal Line: 3 Essential Things for Better Winnings

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Asian handicap goal line is kind of important for you to know. Simply said, Asian goal line bets are a different approach to wager on the amount of goals scored in a football match. Asian goal line bets are unique in that they offer compensation in specific conditions.

Well, in this article we will present to you the detailed information about asian handicap. Then, you should read these carefully to get a clear understanding. 

What Is Asian Handicap Goal Line Actually?

In brief, an Asian goal line bet forecasts the number of goals scored in a specific football match. It’s similar to an Over/Under bet, with the exception that Asian goal lines include quarter and half-goal options, as well as full-goal options with the option of having your money returned.

Asian goal line bets are not to be confused with Asian handicap betting, which you can learn more about here. However, Judi slot Asian Goal Line betting is all about predicting how many goals will be scored in a game. Regardless of who scored the goals or which team wins or loses, this can be higher, lower, or same to your predicted total.

How Asian Goal Line Works?

Let’s assume you’re betting on a football game with more than two goals scored. We don’t have to worry about which sides will score because this isn’t a betting kind that requires that information. Neither does the outcome or the winner. The amount of targets is the only thing we need to concentrate on.

The Asian goal line bet with over 2.0 would win if the game ended 3-0 because there were more than two goals in the game, as predicted. If the game resulted in a 0-0 or 1-1 draw, however, we would not receive any winnings. 

In that situation, we would receive a stake refund because two goals were scored in the match, which equals the amount of goals in our first wager and is regarded as a push.

Asian Handicap Goal Line

1. Full Goals

This is a basic situation of winning if you correctly predicted the number of goals scored in a match and losing if you were incorrect. 

The main thing to remember with an Asian goal line bet is that if the number of goals you predicted and the number of goals scored are equal, your deposit is returned. This is because the “win” part of the bet only happens if you bet correctly and score more or less than that number (depending on your choices).

2. Half Goals

Because Asian goal line bets rule out a tie, half goals are the precise midway point between two full goals, implying that only two results are possible. With an over 1.5 goal line bet, for example, you can gain or lose depending on whether there are more or less than 1.5 goals scored.

3. Quarter Goals

Quarter goals are halfway between a full goal and a half goal, further dividing whole goals. In Asian goal line betting, if you bet on a quarter of a goal, your stake is split evenly between a whole goal wager and the quarter goal. 

For instance, if you bet £20 on over 2.25 goals, £10 will be used to bet on over 2 goals and the remaining £10 will be used to bet on over 2.25 goals.

If just 2 goals are scored throughout the game, a push is declared on the entire goal bet, and your deposit is repaid, but only this portion of the bet is returned. Your stake on 2.25 will be considered a loser, and the bet will be considered a half loss. Or, if you’re feeling generous, a half-win.

The difference among Asian goal line betting and classic option goal line betting is that the former has three outcomes: over, under, and precise number of goals. However, with Asian goal line betting, there are just two options: over and under, with no actual number of goals. 

If you bet on over 2 goals and the game ends in a tie, your bet is considered a push and your stake is returned to you. You lose if the game ends with less than two goals, but you win if you correctly predicted that the game would end with more than two goals and it does. Finally, that is our Asian handicap goal line summary for you. 

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