How to Play Texas Holdem Poker for Beginners
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The rules of the game of poker are the first step of anyone who has just embarked on the path of learning poker. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the classic rules of Texas poker right now. Then you can apply how to play texas holdem poker for beginners with an easy way. The information below is described in more detail.

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How to Play Texas Holdem Poker for Beginners : Winning Combinations

The owner of the game bank will be the one with the highest combination of cards. The poker rules provide 10 possible combinations.

To understand how to play Pkv Judi qq poker, you need to remember the seniority of these poker combinations:

  1. Royal Street Flush, 5 highest suited cards.
  2. Straight Flush,  5 cards of the same suit in order.
  3. Four of a Kind, 4 cards of the same rank.
  4. Full House is a combination that includes a Pair and a Three at the same time.
  5. Flush – 5 suited cards.
  6. Straight, 5 cards of any suit collected in order.
  7. Set or Three of a Kind – 3 cards of the same rank.
  8. Two pairs, 4 cards, among which are collected 2 of the same rank.
  9. Pair is 2 identical cards.

The lowest combination “High card” is 1 card. The higher she is in rank, the more likely her victory is.

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How to Play Texas Holdem Poker for Beginners :  Classic Poker Rules

How to play Texas Holdem Poker for beginners, when the game can participate from 2 to 10 people. Each player in Texas Hold’em is dealt two cards. After the distribution, trading begins, which takes place in several rounds.

The two players to the left of the dealer place the mandatory bets, which are charged even before the start of the auction. This is done in order to encourage players to play actively. These mandatory bets are called blinds. These are the rules of the game of poker.

If you are a beginner player, then know that during the distribution it is more profitable to have a late position in order to track the moves of your opponents. These are not the rules of the game of poker, but rather a kind of tactical move.

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How to Play Texas Holdem Poker for Beginners :  Stage of Betting

After the players have posted the blinds, the first stage of betting begins. The rules of how to play texas holdem poker for beginners that imply the presence of certain actions that the player performs in the process of trading:

  1. Place, bet  – place a bet
  2. Answer, call  – put the same amount as the opponent put – call
  3. Raise, raise – increase the rate – put more than the opponents
  4. Discard cards, fold  – refuse further participation in the game and fold cards
  5. Skip, check – in situations where the bet has already been placed or the bets have not been made by opponents – do not add anything to the bank, leave it “as is”
How to Play Texas Holdem Poker for Beginners
How to Play Texas Holdem Poker for Beginners

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Betting Circle

The betting circle ends when all players have made equal bets or folded. It begins after the first round of betting, if more than one person remains in the hand, then, according to the rules of the game of poker, three common open cards, which are called the flop, are placed on the table. Common cards should be used to make combinations.

If after this round more than one person remains in the hand, then another community card is placed, which is called a turn. Similar to the flop, there is another round of betting after the turn is dealt.

After the turn, if necessary, the last community card, the river, is placed. After the river, another round of betting follows, and if after it two or more players apply for the pot, then a showdown occurs.

According to the poker rules, combinations are made up of five community cards and two face down cards. When the last bet has been made and equalized, all the people remaining in the game in turn begin to open their cards for opponents. The final winning combinations are composed and evaluated from them.

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How to Play Texas Holdem Poker for Beginners :  Pick up a Bank

How can you pick up a bank? There are 2 fundamentally different ways:

  • At showdown, show the combination of cards that beats the opponents’ poker hands.
  • Make a bet that no one will call and everyone will fold.

1. Limits or Monetary Limits for Bets in the Game

The rules of the game of poker can differ with respect to the amount of money in the game bets, called limits. Poker can be divided into several types of games:

2. Limit Poker

Limit poker can be with a fixed limit (set in advance by the game settings for each round) and range (the amount of the bet may vary within certain limits). This means that for each round of the game there are set limits on rates, above which none of the players has the right to place a bet.

3. Pot Limit Poker

It gives players more freedom regarding the size of bets, however, it also has some limitations. It lies in the fact that no player can make a bet that will exceed the total bank of the game.

4. No Limit Poker

Allows any player to play for the maximum amount of money that will not exceed his stack, i.e. the amount he has on hand. This is the most popular form of poker.

Try your hand at the game against the computer right now! However, do not forget that in order to learn how to play, you really need the experience of playing with real people, it does not matter online or live.

How to Play Texas Holdem Poker for Beginners  : Omaha Poker

Omaha poker is a form of poker that is quite close to Texas Hold’em. In fact, this is the second most popular poker game, recognized for its extraordinary rules and features. Omaha poker rounds are similar to Texas Hold’em. The object of the game is a standard five-card hand, similar to Texas Hold’em hands.

The difference between Omaha and Hold’em is that, according to the rules of the game of Omaha poker, the player is dealt four hole cards instead of two, similar to Hold’em. In this case, a combination can be made up of 2 pocket cards, as well as 3 cards lying on the board. 

That is, if, for example, there are 4 cards of the same suit on the board, and the player has another of the same suit in his hands, it is impossible to make a flush combination, as in Hold’em. The combination must contain exactly two of the four hole cards and any three of the cards on the board.

Beginner Poker Rules 2-7 Triple Draw

One of the most interesting exchange games is 2-7 Triple Draw. The game is a limit game with the blinds and the button. Each receives five hole cards, after which a betting round takes place, which begins with the player to the left of the big blind. The move goes clockwise, each player can send cards, raise or call.

Upon completion of the bidding, the first round of exchange begins, which begins with the player to the left of the button. You can exchange up to five cards. In total, there are three rounds in the game, at each there is a trade and an exchange of cards. At the end of the last round, an autopsy takes place, if necessary.

Triple Draw is a Lowball variety. This means that the weaker hand wins at showdown. We can say that the weaker your hand would be in Hold’em, the stronger it is in Triple Draw.

How to Play Texas Holdem Poker for Beginners  : Oasis Poker

Sitting at the Oasis table, the player must first place a blind bet, which is usually called ante. Then the dealer deals five cards to himself and to the player, leaving one of his cards open. After looking at his starters, the player chooses from three options: 

  • send cards to pass, 
  • make a call, 
  • exchange a card, 
  • or buy another.

It depends on the type of game. Having chosen an exchange, the player must again choose between the first and second options.

In case of a call, the dealer’s and player’s cards are turned over. If the dealer does not have a combination, then the player’s cards do not even look good. He just gets a call and a double ante.

When the dealer has a combination, his cards are compared to the player’s hand. If the dealer wins, he takes all the bets made by the player. But if the player wins, the casino pays him a double ante plus the call rate multiplied several times. / Dy

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What is Gambling Scam, the Baccarat Dealer Got Two Years at Prison
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A former employee of Sydney’s Star Casino has been found guilty of participating in an illicit gambling scheme. What is gambling scam ? In the year 2020, this employee allegedly defrauded the casino of over 500,000 dollars.

A baccarat dealer, Hieu Duc Lam, was captured on CCTV tape conspiring with another employee. He took a look at several cards and remembered them in preparation for an upcoming game. 

Lam used a secure messaging software on his phone to alert his accomplice, a player in the next game, once he had memorized the cards. That person would then take part in the game, anticipating the cards that will be dealt. In less than a month, the scheme netted 467,700 dollars.

What is Gambling Scam : Hieu Duc Lamp Fired by The Star

When The Star learned of this, Lam was sacked and found guilty of unfairly getting a financial benefit by a local court in NSW Downing Center. He was given a two-year sentence that would begin on July 9, 2021 and end on July 8, 2023. He must also complete 250 hours of community service.

The Star reported the misbehavior and What is gambling scam ? The casino was correct to fire its employee, according to ILGA chairman Philip Crawford. The casino has a supervisory license. They are responsible for assisting in the protection of casino operations from criminal influence, major misconduct, or exploitation. According to Crawford, this instance reveals a blatant breach of that trust.

The Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA) is a non-profit organization that regulates the sale of alcohol and gambling. This organization is in charge of a number of regulating functions in Australia, including casinos, alcohol, registered clubs, and slot machines. The ILGA makes decisions based on legal objectives and particular legal criteria set forth in the drinking and gambling laws.

What is gambling scam : The Star Casino Sydney with an Excellent Reputation

Aside from Lam’s case, two other Star Casino employees were recently sacked and found guilty of attempting to steal more than 30,000 dollars in gaming chips. This firewall was discovered in March 2021. 

The Star Casino in Sydney is once again in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons about what is  gambling scam. For years, this casino has maintained a stellar reputation. The Star Casino is a well-known casino in Sydney, Australia’s largest city. There are several casino activities, luxurious lodgings, entertainment, and restaurants in this complex. 

Table games such as blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette, and craps are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the casino. Tournaments are held on various days throughout the week. On some days of the week, bingo is also available, and there is a sports bar with a casual food and drink menu.

The Star Casino Sydney First Opened

The Star, which first opened in 1995, is Australia’s second largest casino, behind The Crown in Melbourne. The Darling Harbor in Pyrmont may be seen from the casino. It, along with the Star Gold Coast and Treasury Brisbane, is owned and run by Star Entertainment. 

Sydney’s primary entertainment center is The Star. The Star Casino is divided into two storeys and offers a variety of gambling options. A total of almost 104,000 square feet of gaming space is available. 

Electronic slot machines such as slots, bola online and video poker, 140 gaming tables with a wide selection of cards and dice, and a 34-table poker area holding weekly tournaments and cash games are all available on the gaming floor. The Australian edition of ‘The World Series of Poker’ is held at this poker room. / Dy

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Enjoy Live Casino Gambling at IDNPlay Online
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IDNPlay online live casino gambling agent is well known for often serving live sports betting. However, such games tend to be considered passive games.

Because, you do not play directly and do not interact with other online gambling lovers. However, this live casino gambling is different from all other online soccer gambling games.

Live casino is a combination of various genres of online card gambling and other arcade gambling, like slot online games for example. Live casino is very exciting, let’s see all the types of games that you can experience when playing live gambling.

Maybe you’ve heard terms like blackjack, but there’s also roulette, and online baccarat.

Live Casino Gambling Blackjack Online

Blackjack is one of the most promising games and it is also easy to play. In online blackjack gambling, the player’s goal is to beat the bankers. The odds in the blackjack gambling game itself are very good.

One of the favorite odds of playing blackjack gambling is that you can win double the money instantly.

In online blackjack gambling games, your job as a bettor is to choose between hits, stands, splits, and double downs. If you ask for another card, make sure that the card does not exceed the value of 21.

A card that exceeds the value of 21 is considered too much because this has crossed the line for the blackjack gambling game. But if you can have a higher value than the banker, your money will be doubled back.

The blackjack game at the IDNPlay online live casino is quite interesting because there is no high minimum bet.

For example, the minimum bet is only Rp. 5 thousand or also Rp. 10 thousand. Depending on how much you bet, your money will be doubled when you win.

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Live Casino Gambling Online Roulette Gambling

Live Casino Gambling Online Roulette Gambling

Roulette gambling is also very exciting for players to play. In roulette, players rely on a wheel that will spin quickly. This wheel will be turned manually by the dealers. The advantage of playing live is that you can definitely watch our dealers spin the wheel.

The result will be immediately displayed on the player’s screen to indicate the prize amount.

Before playing, you may want to know some important tips for playing online roulette gambling. The game of roulette relies heavily on the player’s ability to predict the numbers on the wheel.

The wheel we mentioned earlier is filled with up to 30 numbers. Each number will be marked with red, green, and black. Choose all of these as well as possible so that you can benefit many times over.

After placing a bet, the wheel is turned and a ball will fall. Wait a few moments and you will be immediately given a gift instantly by your favorite dealer at IDNPlay online.

Live Casino Gambling Online Poker

Online poker gambling is the most challenging game. If you are ready and trained for online card gambling, try this card. Poker card gambling relies on several important combinations to know.

Examples are such as flush, straight, straight flush, royal fly, and four of a kind. You can find every combination when playing online card gambling. Then you have to combine all these combinations as best you can so you can fight other players.

Online poker gambling can be played by 9 people at once. Professional dealers from IDNPlay online gambling will immediately present you all the cards in online poker.

Feel free to try all of these games at IDNPlay. You will always be satisfied with our services. Deposit the most money and get the highest bonus while playing with live dealers from all around the world.

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Game of Thrones Slot: 4 Important Review 2021
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The Game of Thrones slot is one of Microgaming’s most popular online slots. This slot is based on a movie or television blockbuster which is often on the lean side in terms of play. 

Therefore, we did not have high expectations of a slot machine based on the successful fantasy series Game of Thrones. On the other hand, in every online casino that has slots from the Microgaming brand, Game of Thrones is in the top 10 most played slots. 

Tens of thousands of players love it! Hm…

Since Game of Thrones is played so massively, we decided to play 1000 spins on it and make a slot review.

Game of Thrones Slot Review

1. The Features Game

The graphics Game of Thrones slot comes in two variants: one with 15 paylines and one with 243 ‘ways’. 

In addition, the Game of Thrones slot with 243 ways is by far the most popular. That is why we played its 1000 spins on this variant. The minimum bet of this game is $0.30.

All combinations may be spread criss-cross over the reels, just like with Twin Spin for example. With 5 reels and 3 positions per reel, this results in 3x3x3x3x3=243 combinations.

The symbols consist of symbols from the HBO TV series. In addition, the inevitable filling symbols J, Q, K and A, which are beautifully designed.

There is also a joker, namely the yellow Game of Thrones logo. Those wildcard symbols are ‘stacked’ on the reels.

2. The Bonus Game

If you spin 3 or more scatter symbols (the famous Iron Throne), anywhere on the reels, the feature will start. This bonus round can be very lucrative and in any case, is very exciting.

Stacked means: in stacks one above the other. The stacked jokers allow you to spin surprisingly high winning combinations, as many jokers can fall in a row in a single spin.

At the start of the feature, you get to choose from 4 different options that are named after some of the ‘noble’ families who compete against each other in Game of Thrones: Baratheon, Lannister, Stark and Targaryen.

The difference between the features is in the number of free spins you choose. The more free spins, the lower your multiplier.

In addition, there is a difference in the number of extra stacked symbols on the reels during your free spins.

Game of Thrones has an extra option: you can try to double your winnings from a winning spin. By playing dominoqq you will get a lot of money for sure.

That ‘gambling’ consists of the simple heads-and-tails game that you know from the older Dutch slot machines, however, it is completely in Game of Thrones style.

We don’t dare tell you if the odds of winning with this heads-or-tails game are actually 50 percent, as it should be. Partly for this reason, we don’t particularly recommend the gambling feature.

3. The 1000 Spins on Game of Thrones

We have played 1000 spins on the Game of Thrones 243 slot with the minimum bet of $0.30 cents.

When we start playing, the very first spin immediately yields $6.99. Long live the stacked joker symbols! The exact hundredth spin is $7.62 and in between many prizes fall between $2 and $3. Nice!.

After 125 spins the first feature falls. we choose the ‘Baratheon’ variant: 8 free spins with a multiplier of x5.

Then we win a total of $69.60…

The second feature falls quickly. This time the choice falls on the feature ‘Lannister’: 10 free spins and a multiplier of x4.

This time the feature is less lucrative. We won an embarrassingly poor prize of $0.50. After 10 free spins… With a multiplier of x4…

But later, Game of Thrones more than makes up for that faux pas. In one spin we won $31.05. The spin immediately made a profit of $81.60 on the screen. That’s 272x the stake.

We turn to a profit of $177.79 but then there are still 600 spins to go.

The big cash prizes then collapse, although watching the spins is still very exciting. You can win big on every spin, with a modest bet. That is sometimes different.

The feature falls 2 more times in the remaining spins. Feature ‘Stark’ earns $7.32. Feature ‘Targaryen’ gives just a little less: $6.72. In the end, we won $113.05.

4. Conclusion about The Game

The Game of Thrones slot is beautifully crafted, just like the HBO TV series. With relatively small bets you can achieve spectacularly large wins. Prizes over 100 or 200 times your stake are no exception, so every spin is a thrilling one.

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5 Types Bonus Casino Games Which Profitable
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You know, types bonus casino games can help you to get a chance to win. It is actually useful for you to figure it out so you can use that benefit. 

A casino bonus is not the same as another. There are various types of bonuses, some of which are more rewarding than others.

Check out the different types of bonuses that the online casino will offer to you. 

Types Bonus Casino Games Which Profitable

1. Cashable Bonus

This bonus offer is much easier to work with because it is as straightforward as they come. With that bonus, the player can withdraw both their initial deposit and the bonus itself, as long as the playthrough requirements are met. 

The combined bankroll is what you work with after you make a deposit and claim the cashable bonus. You can withdraw your entire bankroll once the wagering requirements have been met; no bonus deductions are required in this case.

The best casino bonus is the one that can be cashed in. This type of bonus will, on average, give you the most money. In other words, the highest expected value (EV) is the expected value.

2. Sticky Bonus

The sticky bonus is a rare find. That’s fortunate because this bonus isn’t as appealing as the cashable bonus. The reason for this is that you will never be able to withdraw the bonus.

You can use the bonus money to play. Once you’ve met the wagering requirement, anything you win with the bonus becomes cash. The bonus, on the other hand, actually cannot be converted into cash.

For instance, an online casino may offer a 100 percent bonus. The bonus must be wagered 20 times. You make a $100 deposit. After that, you’ll get a bonus of $100.

You are extremely fortunate. After the $2000 in bets, you have a profit of $100. Your account now has a total balance of $300. 

You’ve completed the wager, but only your winnings are converted to cash. Your account now has $200 in cash and $100 in bonus money. You have the option of receiving the $200 in cash. The $100 is kept by the casino, hence the term “sticky.”

A sticky bonus has a lower expected value (EV) than a cashable bonus.

3. Post Wager Bonus

When you make a deposit, you do not immediately receive the post-wager bonus. You must first meet the wagering requirement before receiving your gift with this type of bonus. That gift is immediately convertible into cash, which you can receive.

This bonus isn’t as appealing as the one that can be redeemed for cash. If you don’t meet the wagering requirement, you will receive nothing and the bonus will be useless.

Few online casinos give new players a post-wager bonus as a welcome bonus, but it is a common feature as a follow-up bonus if you make more frequent deposits.

4. Cashback Casino

Cashback is something that some casino players swear by. The concept is simple: if you lose money today, you will get a percentage of it back the next day. 

Your loss may be calculated on a weekly basis at times. You get nothing if you win or break even.

One of the first casinos to offer cashback was No Bonus Casino. You were given 5% at first, and then 10% later. Cashback is money that you can withdraw right away, with no wagering requirements.

5. Free Spins

In most casinos, the winnings from free spins are bonus money that must be wagered. After you’ve completed the free spins, you can begin playing as if it were a regular bonus.

Many casinos offer free spins as a no-deposit bonus, allowing you to try out the casino without having to make an immediate deposit. Find the best gambling games only at Pkv Judi qq.

You can also get free spins after placing a wager. After you’ve met the wagering requirement, you’ll be given the spins. In that case, the profit from the free spins is cash money.

Yup, those 5 types bonus casino games are profitable for you. If you can use that bonus effectively, you will become rich.

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4 Terms in Online Slot Machines
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Online slot machines are casino gambling which use machines that are regulated by the RNG (Random Number Generate) system. Playing slot games is really easy. Players just need to stick the betting in every line that they want to bet.

In addition, players will press the spin button and the machine is going to spin automatically and randomly. Players win the game when the machine stops at the line that players have chosen.

Slot machine itself was invented a long time ago in San Francisco which is known as Liberty Bell. Years after years, this game has been used for gambling even in online gambling.

The Terms in Online Slot Machines

Before you play slot machines online, you should know the terms that have been used in it. After that, you can easily play that gamblung game.

1. Payline

The first common term is payline. Payline is a term which definitely exists in slot games. In addition, the payline is very important for the continuity of the slot game.

The main function of the payline is to determine the symbols that will appear. According to its function, payline is an online payment that will determine the amount of bets for players. So it is very important for all bettors to know this term before playing.

2. Jackpot Progressive

Moreover, progressive jackpot is also important in slot games. This term is the most liked by all bettors and the most players wait. Jackpot is the biggest bonus in the game at the best online slot agents that can provide lucrative profits for bettors.

For some bettors, this jackpot can be used as an opportunity to get rich from slot games. In the slot game itself, the role of this progressive jackpot includes a percentage that is placed directly on the slot machine.

3. Wild

The next term in online slot machines is wild. Wild is another term that will often be found in slot games at official online gambling agents. Wild is a feature that is quite powerful in its role in triggering the bonus round. But wilds don’t fully allow bettors to get bonus rounds.

This feature can be used to replace all symbols on the reels of the slot machine. That way, bettors will get an easier winning combination. Wild is one of the lucky symbols which consists of stacked wilds, expanding, sticky and random wilds.

4. Scatter 

Scatter is a term in slot games at the best online slot agents which is the most popular bonus feature. Besides wilds, scatters are much awaited by players during betting. Where this feature can provide its own advantages for all slot players.

With the scatters feature, you can unlock bonus features. The scatter itself has 3 scatter symbols that appear on the reels of the slot machine, this is where the bonus feature will begin. This scatter can be found in various versions of slot machines including multiplier scatter and traditional scatter.

In addition, there are 4 terms in online slot machines that you should know before playing the situs togel terpopuler game. 

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Download Higgs Domino Island APK Version For Free
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Where can I download Higgs Domino Island Apk? This time, our review will tell you about it.

As you may be aware, Higgs Domino Island is one of the most popular online Android games in Indonesia.

This game gives you the opportunity to play a classic game you may not have tried before. The following are the games offered in this Higgs Games game:

  • Remi
  • Domino QQ
  • Texas Poker
  • Capsa susun
  • Online Slot
  • Dam
  • Catur
  • Ludo 

Higgs Domino Island’s Features

Higgs Domino Island has become a favorite game because of the many entertaining game features in it, not only because of its advantages in terms of game selection. The following are some of the game’s features:

  • User-Friendly UI – The interface design of this game is basic and user-friendly, so new users will have no trouble understanding it.
  • Game Graphics – The game graphics are fairly sharp and the animations are seamless.
  • Emoticon Game – This game has an emoticon function that allows users to send emoticon messages to other players.
  • Avatar Frame Effects – A feature in the form of frames with special effects that may be used to make the player’s account’s avatar/profile photo cooler.
  • Exclusive features such as bonuses and special offers are available to VIP members.
  • Free Coin – Every day, you can claim a free coin.

Required Android’s Spec to Play Higgs Domino Island

If you want to play the Higgs domino island game on your smartphone, you can download it here. Before you do that, make sure your Android’s operating system is up to date.

Because this game can only be played on Android handsets running Kitkat or above. Higgs Domino Island is 75 MB in size in terms of game download size.

Download Higgs Domino Island Apk Version For Free

Higgs Domino Island is also accessible as a modified version of the file alias APK, which is not available on the Google Play Store (Android Application Package). This game’s APK version may be found on Apkpure and apk mirrors, two well-known free APK provider sites.

Download Higgs Domino Island Apk, Is That Safe for Smartphones?

This is a frequently asked question among Android users. If so, whether the version of Higgs Domino on the Play Store or the APK version is better?

We’ll respond to this one question based on the numerous reviews we received through online searches.

The majority of blogs state that Play Store games are safer than APK versions of games. What is the reason for this?

According to the pemmzchannel website, APK programs downloaded from third-party sources are not protected in any way (protection). So that rogue game creators can include ransomware, malware, and other sorts of malware in APK files published on third-party websites (APK provider).

As a result, even though we give you information on a website where you can download Higgs Domino Island APK version, we do not recommend that you use it.

If you really want to play Domino QQ on Higgs Domino Island, you can consider playing them on many dominoqq pkv sites available on internet search.

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4 Crazy Gambling School Anime with Best Storyline
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Gambling is the fastest way to get a lot of money in an instant but also the fastest way to go broke in a second. By risking wealth, many people still love this activity. However, it is different from gambling school anime

The theme of gambling is also often raised and gets a good response from the audience. Even though it is tense and exciting, it’s better if we just watch it than having to take big risks. What anime about gambling can be watched? Check out the following reviews.

Gambling School Anime with Best Storyline

1. Kakegurui

Kakegurui anime

One of the newest anime about gambling because it was released in 2017. This anime is about Hyakkakaou Private Academy which has a pretty strange teaching system. 

This school does not focus on teaching academic skills but instead teaches the rich students there all things about gambling. Hm, interesting, isn’t it?.

What is taught is precisely how to win and beat opponents in gambling, where the winner will be the king while the loser will be the slave. 

In the anime, students need to learn how to work their way up the hierarchy, which is why there is one within their school. Their ability to gamble and win millions of yen determines their social standing. 

You either win and rise through the ranks, or you lose and become indebted, resembling a house pet, essentially a slave who must put up with the abuse of the more powerful students.

In addition, Kakegurui has become the most popular gambling anime. Its captivating art style and animation execution make it an anime that continues to pique people’s interest. Its opening song is a total pro.

 It adds to the mystical atmosphere and art style, and it’s a song that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head.

2. Saki

Saki Anime
Source: Saki Wiki Fandom

The story of a young woman named Saki Miyanaga, who has been forced to play mahjong by her parents since she was a child. Saki was then invited to join the mahjong club by a middle school friend. Saki’s special ability also astounds her clubmates.

The friends at the club then challenge Saki to a duel to prove that Saki’s abilities are more than just a fad.

3. Prison School

Prison School Anime
Source: everyeye Anime

Do you want to cause trouble at a reputable all-girls academy? Make it a co-ed event. 

When the board of directors of Hachimitsu Private Academy decided to accept male students, they had no idea that the first five boys to enroll in the new semester would be sent to school prison. 

Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Shingo, Andre, and Jo peered into the girls’ bathroom, and the Shade Underground Student Council punished them by throwing them into a prison built right inside the academy for a month.

4. Ousama Game

Ousama Game Anime
Source: MyAnimeList

Nobuaki Kanazawa transfers to a new school, only to begin a nightmare that will follow him for the rest of his life. He and his classmates receive strange text messages from “The King” compelling them to participate in tasks that will endanger their lives if they do not.

There are rules that all students should accomplish. 

1. Participation is required of all students in the class

2. Within 24 hours of receiving an order from the King, the order must be completed

3. Those who do not finish their order will be punished

4. It is not permitted to leave the game in the middle of it

In conclusion, people may enjoy some exciting gambling school anime from time to time. Consider enrolling in one of the most prestigious institutes to hone your gambling skills. 

Perhaps accepting an offer to relocate to a new city in order to increase one’s wealth? In the world of situs games gambling, not only is money at stake, but also the lives of those who gamble.

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Kakegurui Season 3: Date Release, Plot, Characters
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Who does not know Kakegurui season 3 which has been released on Netflix? or you just want to watch it? Ok, let’s take a look at this anime about gambling

Kakegurui is an animation series which follows the social status of the students of Hyakko Private Academy. It is known as an elite school that encourages students to improve their gambling skills rather than their academic or athletic abilities.

Until transfer student and compulsive gambler Yumeko Jabami enters the scene, the worst players face severe humiliation.

The anime first debuted in 2017, almost exactly four years ago. Currently has two seasons of 12 episodes. In addition, the second season, named Kakegurui xx, debuted in 2019, indicating that a third season is on the way now that the year is 2021. Right?.

1. The Date Release of Kakegurui Season 3

There’s no way to know if Kakegurui Season 3 will return until either anime studio Mappa or distributor Netflix, which is licensed to stream the series outside of Japan, makes a firm renewal announcement.

Renewals are frequently based on popularity as well as the amount of source material available. 

It is based on a manga series written by Homura Kawamoto and the illustrator is Tooru Naomura. Kakegurui has been translated into 14 volumes and 82 chapters.

However, there will be a few differences between the manga and the anime. The anime has 56 episodes in total. It would still have to go through the production process, with a 2022 release date being the most likely.

2. The Characters in Kakegurui Season 3

After watching the previous season, here are some characters which are not so different from the latest. 

  • Yumeko Jabami – Saori Hayami
  • Ryota Suzui – Tatsuya Tokutake
  • Kirari Momobami – Miyuki Sawashiro
  • Mary Saotome – Minami Tanaka
  • Sayaka Igarashi – Ayaka Fukuhara
  • Runa Yomozuki – Mayu Udono

3. The Plot in Kakegurui New Season

Kakegurui’s first and second seasons seemed to end on a note that could have ended the series if a third season hadn’t been greenlit, and fans seemed to prefer Season 1 and its conclusion to what came after.

However, at the end of Season 2, there is some uncertainty about what actually occurred. 

The only problem is, it appears that the final episodes of the second season (Kakegurui xx) were not based on the manga. It looks a bit different with the anime.

The previous episode focused on an auction designed to buy votes for presidential candidates, culminating in a coin toss between Rei and Yumiko in which Rei stakes 3 million yen (and her livestock status) and Yumeko stakes the Jabam. 

She will be deported from the family and transformed into a Batsubami instead. Yumeko appears to win, but she later gambles away a large number of her votes.

Meanwhile, Rei’s determination impresses Kirari, who allows her to revert to human form and choose a new name.

This shonen anime’s Season 3 would presumably pick up on these threads. However, with Rei’s presence representing such a departure from the manga, it’s difficult to predict how closely events will align with the manga’s next chapters.

4. What People Expect from Kakegurui Season 3?

Season 3 continues to follow Rei Batsubami as she recounts her experiences as a servant treated like livestock by the Monobami clan and receiving kindness from a lady visitor.

5. The Trailer

Unfortunately, since there has been no news of an update for Kakegurui S3, then of course there is no indication of a trailer as of yet.At the end, Kakegurui season 3 has been waiting for anime lovers. It will come up in 2022, so you should be patient then.

You can find the detail about this games at site.

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5 Strongest Character in Gambling Anime Kakegurui
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Have you ever heard that school legalized gambling activity? No, in real life you will not find it. However, in gambling anime Kakegurui, you will. 

Kakegurui tells the story of an elite school where the students have special skills in gambling. This anime is adapted from the manga by Homura Kawamoto of the same title.

It was first released in Japan in 2017 and the anime series began broadcasting by Netflix in 2018. Even though it is an anime or animated film, Kakegurui is intended for audiences aged 16 and over.

The Synopsis of Gambling Anime Kakegurui

The Synopsis of Gambling Anime Kakegurui
Source: Kakegurui Fandom

This anime about gambling tells about a private school called Hyakkaou Academy or Hyakkaou Private Academy. However it is not a type of random school.

The students at Hyakkaou Academy are the children of the world’s wealthiest families. The learning system at Hyakkaou academy is also very different from normal schools. 

In the afternoon and in the morning, this school conducts teaching and learning activities as usual, starting from history, mathematics, and subjects in general.

However, at night time, the atmosphere at this school changes 180 degrees. The Hyakkaou Academy room that was previously used for teaching and learning has turned into a gambling place.

Moreover, students are taught the art of gambling, including how to manipulate people.

The king of gambling in Hyakkaou academy would automatically be appointed as the number one person in the school.

This anime will follow the story of Yumeko Jabami, a transfer student who at first glance looks ordinary, even tends to be naive. However, in reality, Yumeko is a gambler who likes to gamble not to win, but for his inner satisfaction.

The Strongest Characters in Kakegurui

1. Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami
Source: Wallpaper Abyss

As you have read above, there’s no doubt that Yumeko, who plays the character in this anime, has skills that aren’t kidding. With her genius analytical skills, Yumeko easily knows the opponent’s tactics and all their cheating. 

Not to mention his crazy way of gambling and not being afraid to take risks has earned Yumeko the nickname of a gambling maniac at school.

2. Kirari Momobami

Kirari Momobami
Source: WallpaperBetter

The student council president, Kirari is also not a character to be underestimated in terms of gambling, even so far only 1 person has defeated him. 

Although gambling is rarely shown in anime, you can imagine his aura and influence as student council president is enough to make other students obey his rules.

3. Mary Saotome

Mary Saotome
Source: Kakegurui Wikia-Fandom

Despite being defeated by Yumeko, Mary slowly becomes close to Yumeko and shows many satisfying matches in the anime. 

You could say, Mary has a pretty clever mind and is shrewd in tricking her opponent. Thanks to her ingenuity, Mary was once recruited to be part of the student council although she ultimately rejected it outright.

4. Ikishima Midari

Ikishima Midari
Source: Kekegurui Wiki- Fandom

Midari is one of the student council members and a pretty crazy gambler. He once lost against Kirari and ended up losing one of his eyes. 

Not only is his attitude abnormal, Midari has a personality that tends to be masochistic and doesn’t care about his life. He often uses the risk of life in his game, and makes his opponent scared.

5. Amane Murasame

Amane Murasame
Source: Kakeguri Wiki-Fandom

Even though it’s not in the anime, you can see in Kakegurui the Movie, how terrible Murasame’s gambling skills are. Murasame is the leader of the Village, a faction that opposes gambling at Hyakko academy.

Despite being against gambling at his school, Murasame is the only person who can beat Kirari. He then stopped gambling after his sister committed suicide because he was in debt and became a slave at his school.

In the end, those are the 5 strongest characters and a synopsis  in gambling anime Kakegurui. Wow, from those mentioned above, who is the coolest?.

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