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Book of Lords Slot Demo Review: RTP 96.71% (Amatic)

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Of course we know that you are eager to play the Book of Lords slot demo. This game is one of two Ancient Egypt-themed slot machines released by Amatic at the same time. It is very similar to the other title, Book of Queens. 

There are a few minor differences, such as the top jackpot symbol depicting a female modern adventurer, and the RTP is slightly lower, though it is unclear why.

A Review of Book of Lords Slot Demo

Book of Lords has five reels and ten paylines. Winning combinations are so large that payouts of up to 5,000 times the stake, or $1,500,000, are possible. 

When you consider the 96.71% RTP and the Book of Ra-style features (wild/scatter symbols, free spins, and random special symbols that expand), the action can be entertaining, but only for those who are familiar with the genre or who enjoy a high-volatility slot.

1. Wagering Options

Everyone can afford to play this game, with bets starting as low as $0.10, and possibly win the top jackpot. You can bet up to $300 per spin if you want to bet more (may vary from one casino to another).

You can rely on the Blonde Adventurer to help you win the top jackpot. You can get a 5,000x return with just five of these symbols (and possibly with the help of wilds). If you place enough bets, you could win $1,500,000.

The Return to Player for Book of Lords has been set at 96.71%, which is a little lower than the number they mentioned for Book of Queens. It could be that there is a difference in mechanics that reduces the chances in Book of Lords, or it could simply be a communication error. 

In any case, if all other factors were equal, we’d choose Book of Queen over this one simply because it has a slightly higher RTP.

2. Game Features

Book of Ra is a mechanic that has been applied for the first time in a land-based slot machine, and it can be found in a good number of games right now. 

It has also been adapted for online play, but it faces stiff competition from games that have essentially cloned its mechanics. Book of Lords is one of many slots that has done so, and the features you’ll see listed here are typical of releases in this genre.

To begin, there is only one feature symbol in the base game, a Book that serves as both a wild and a scatter. It can be used as a replacement when necessary, but if it appears three times in a row in random locations, it will also pay you and grant you access to 10 free spins. 

The free spins are unique in that one of the slot’s regular symbols is chosen at random to become an expanding symbol for them. It’s enough to land that special symbol on all 5 reels, and as it expands each time, you’ll end up with ten winning combinations, each with 5 symbols.

3. Design and Theme

The theme is standard for this type of slot, as the majority of the games will be themed around Ancient Egypt. The Book, three different gods from the time period, an image of a modern female archaeologist (a female Indiana Jones, if you will), and several playing card logos are all included.

Final Words

The game might be appealing to someone who enjoys slot machines with free spins and expanding symbols because it has a high RTP and modern graphics. Now, you can play the Book of Lords slot demo at your alexistogel casinos. 

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