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Games make you stay up late and it’s not good for health, beware – Game or any other name game is something that is very popular at this time in Indonesia. Indonesia itself was known by its name in the international arena in the world because of the many game competitions won by the country’s young people. One of them is the PUBG game

But of course even though games are something that has a positive impact on Indonesia like this, game slotĀ  online must have a bad impact on players. One of them is the games make you stay up late where all the time they definitely don’t stop playing this game.

The government itself actually supports or does not prohibit the increasing number of games circulating in Indonesia. And this is of course different from the circulation of gambling in Indonesia. Because in gambling the government expressly and clearly states its prohibition and existence in Indonesia.

This was taken by the government not without reason because the government considered that gambling and games were two different things. The government considers that the game still has a positive side. As for gambling, the government considers that there is no positive effect or good impact at all.

The government has firmly issued a special law to prohibit gambling from circulating in Indonesia. And other decisive actions taken by the government are, by arresting many gamblers and punishing them with the threat of severe penalties that make these perpetrators have to be willing to spend a long time in prison.


It is important for you to limit your playing time. You must be able to manage your time well. Use your time for other more useful activities. This is useful for preventing you from being exposed to the negative effects of the games make you stay up late, where it is not impossible that it will make your health decline if done in a row.

Of course you don’t want to have a body with poor health, right? Therefore from now on limit your time in playing the game. Use your other free time to find other more useful activities. Or if you can use your free time to rest enough. Take care of your health, because health is expensive!

In addition, adequate rest for a person is important which can maintain a healthy body, and of course it makes a person to remain excited if the next day the person has to undergo routine activities such as work or school.

Even for students to maintain time with adequate rest, of course, this can make student achievement well maintained or even it is not impossible for achievement to increase because the body feels fresh when undergoing routine activities.

As for workers, the function is to maintain your work productivity, compared to time only used to play games where games make you stay up late and can affect to your health.

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