You are currently viewing King Carrot Slot Demo (Hacksaw Gaming) RTP 96.30%

King Carrot Slot Demo (Hacksaw Gaming) RTP 96.30%

We find there are many players looking for the King Carrot slot demo. Well, the name of this one piqued our interest. Does King Carrot represent all crops, or just carrots in particular? Does he wear a crown? Is there a Queen Carrot? Our imaginations may frequently run riot when certain games appear out of nowhere.

We can confirm that he wears a crown and that he manifests in two different ways: as a common King Carrot and a more uncommon Epic King Carrot. In the main game and in a more permanent form during free spins, both of these carrot-eating kings are connected to a symbol metamorphosis feature.

A Review of King Carrot Slot Demo

King Carrot slot demo is a grid slot with cluster payouts that is played on a 7×7-inch gaming panel. With each spin, 49 symbols are added to the grid, and clusters develop when at least 5 matching symbols fall next to each other in a vertical or horizontal direction. 

Similar to the Big Bamboo slot demo, all of this takes place in a serene glade that screams Hacksaw Gaming. When the reels aren’t moving, take time to enjoy the welcoming environment.

While they wait, random foodstuffs bob around on the grid, leaves blow through from the trees, and a lighthearted soundtrack oompahs in the distance. When we played a few extra rounds and used the symbol transformation feature, the need to press the play button to see what occurs next became even stronger.

1. Volatility and RTP

Hacksaw has reduced King Carrot slot demo’s volatility by giving it a 3 out of 5 rating, which places it in the medium range. The potential return figures, which peak at 96.3% but might decline dramatically depending on the market, are best described as a range. 

Being a Pocketz Series slot, this Gachor101 slot is mobile-focused yet is just as enjoyable, if not more so, on any larger-screened device. Bet limits range greatly as well, from 20 cents per spin to £/€100.

2. Paying Symbols

The paytable symbols can be best described as adorable, there’s that word again. Ascending in value for clusters of 14 or more are grapes, pears, purple things (? ), strawberries, lemons, berries, apples, and watermelons. 

The normal carrot sign may be used to create larger cluster levels, up to 500x for a full grid of 49 of them. Love-themed “W” symbols are wild and can be used in place of any symbol with a payout. Additionally, while calculating winnings, the King Carrot or Epic King Carrot symbols take the place of the carrot sign.

3. Game Bonus

When the King Carrot sign appears, a different paying symbol at random is chosen to take its place. All occurrences of the selected symbol type are changed into the highest-valued carrot symbol, and the winning is assessed. 

If more than one King Carrot lands, then different symbol types will be used. Every time a King Carrot appears, the respin feature with the active symbol transform feature is awarded.

Final Words

Hacksaw Gaming at its finest is a King Carrot slot demo. It’s a disarmingly delicious slot machine, so it can be difficult to resist taking one more spin. Along with the cutesy cutie pie icons, the lively Caribbean oompah musical mash-up provides an upbeat atmosphere that is simple to get lost in. 

King Carrot isn’t the most complex game, therefore it didn’t take long to see everything it has to offer, maybe reducing its longevity in comparison to something more complex. If you are interested, you can also take part in the Fishin Frenzy demo.

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