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How to Play Luxy Poker

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Luxy poker game is one of the most widely played poker games. You can play it on any android device. Luxy game is a game that has a small file size so your phone can still run smoothly. For those of you who want to play Luxy Poker, you need to know how to play this game properly.

How to Play Luxy Poker

1. Don’t Play in Rush

Playing in a hurry will only have a high emotional impact so that we feel excited to follow every game and don’t care about the cards that come out, it’s better to play casually and stay focused on the cards that come out.

2. Don’t Force Yourself To Play

This method is a little tedious because we have to wait for the cards that we think can make us win like for example we get AA, KJ, A10, 99, 66 A7, 10K and other cards. If you get a card like that, there are some tricks on how to play it, but the ones I often use are two:

  • Raise all the chips you have, or raise them by half, or raise by a third, if the card you have comes out, then raise it by half or all of it, in essence, don’t let other people see all types of cards that come out.
  • Just follow the game first to see the starting card that was opened, if your friend’s card comes out then you should not follow the game first but just skip it until someone raises the chip or until the next card comes out.

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3. Sign Out and Relog In

The point of getting out here is that if the initial capital you have is 10M, so your winning friend has reached 50M and above, you should first exit the game and enter again with 10M capital.

If we don’t do this , we will likely continue to be eager to install high chips when we see that the cards are good, even though other players have better cards than ours, so for the anticipation, we save the chips we have won so that we don’t lose.

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4. Move the Table

This one method is very often done by players. The aim of doing this way is because they already have many wins. If we don’t move tables then we will likely lose if we keep playing. By moving to the table or another room, our chances of winning again are still great because I noticed that if we just joined we will be allowed to win several times.

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