Book of Lords Slot Demo Review: RTP 96.71% (Amatic)
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Of course we know that you are eager to play the Book of Lords slot demo. This game is one of two Ancient Egypt-themed slot machines released by Amatic at the same time. It is very similar to the other title, Book of Queens. 

There are a few minor differences, such as the top jackpot symbol depicting a female modern adventurer, and the RTP is slightly lower, though it is unclear why.

A Review of Book of Lords Slot Demo

Book of Lords has five reels and ten paylines. Winning combinations are so large that payouts of up to 5,000 times the stake, or $1,500,000, are possible. 

When you consider the 96.71% RTP and the Book of Ra-style features (wild/scatter symbols, free spins, and random special symbols that expand), the action can be entertaining, but only for those who are familiar with the genre or who enjoy a high-volatility slot.

1. Wagering Options

Everyone can afford to play this game, with bets starting as low as $0.10, and possibly win the top jackpot. You can bet up to $300 per spin if you want to bet more (may vary from one casino to another).

You can rely on the Blonde Adventurer to help you win the top jackpot. You can get a 5,000x return with just five of these symbols (and possibly with the help of wilds). If you place enough bets, you could win $1,500,000.

The Return to Player for Book of Lords has been set at 96.71%, which is a little lower than the number they mentioned for Book of Queens. It could be that there is a difference in mechanics that reduces the chances in Book of Lords, or it could simply be a communication error. 

In any case, if all other factors were equal, we’d choose Book of Queen over this one simply because it has a slightly higher RTP.

2. Game Features

Book of Ra is a mechanic that has been applied for the first time in a land-based slot machine, and it can be found in a good number of games right now. 

It has also been adapted for online play, but it faces stiff competition from games that have essentially cloned its mechanics. Book of Lords is one of many slots that has done so, and the features you’ll see listed here are typical of releases in this genre.

To begin, there is only one feature symbol in the base game, a Book that serves as both a wild and a scatter. It can be used as a replacement when necessary, but if it appears three times in a row in random locations, it will also pay you and grant you access to 10 free spins. 

The free spins are unique in that one of the slot’s regular symbols is chosen at random to become an expanding symbol for them. It’s enough to land that special symbol on all 5 reels, and as it expands each time, you’ll end up with ten winning combinations, each with 5 symbols.

3. Design and Theme

The theme is standard for this type of slot, as the majority of the games will be themed around Ancient Egypt. The Book, three different gods from the time period, an image of a modern female archaeologist (a female Indiana Jones, if you will), and several playing card logos are all included.

Final Words

The game might be appealing to someone who enjoys slot machines with free spins and expanding symbols because it has a high RTP and modern graphics. Now, you can play the Book of Lords slot demo at your alexistogel casinos. 

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Mystic Fortune Deluxe Review (Habanero) RTP 96.71%
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Are you searching for the Mystic Fortune Deluxe review? After more than eight years, Habanero is officially announcing a Deluxe version of a slot that appears to be popular enough to warrant it.

Mystic Fortune Deluxe is the name of the new game, which has much improved graphics and a larger game area. It’s still a game with Asian influences, with Chinese symbols in specific.

A Brief of Mystic Fortune Deluxe Review

Mystic Fortune Deluxe is a slot machine with 5×4 reels and 28 active lines. A 5x multiplier, expanding wilds, scatters, and free spins are just a few of the highlights. We believe you’ll enjoy the game’s potential as a game that can pay up to 132,510x the stake.

1. Betting and Prizes

In Mystic Fortune Deluxe, the smallest bet you can make is $0.28. It isn’t much, but it is enough to get you through all 28 lines. By increasing the bet level from 1 to 10 and the coin value from $0.01 to $5, you can spend up to $1,400 per spin.

Once the slot’s multipliers kick in the free spins, a top jackpot of up to 132,510x the stake could be paid in a single round. A large portion of this is made up of money symbols, which can pay up to 8,888x.

Given how much money can be won, this game has a low level of volatility, which is excellent. The RTP range includes lower values, which is a disadvantage. The default percentage is 96.71 percent, but it can be higher (98.08 percent) or lower (96.71 percent) depending on your preferences (93.75 percent or 92.22 percent ).

2. Game Features

The Princess Wild is one of the game’s most important new symbols. This is an expanding wild that can occur anywhere on the reels and completely take over the game. It will appear in all winning combinations because it can substitute for all regular symbols. The Princess can only be found on the first, third, and fifth reels.

Another symbol to be aware of is the Vermilion Bird, which is used as a scatter. It’s enough to hit it on 3 reels to activate the free spins, but 4 or 5 scatters is even better.

A feature with 8, 28, or 288 free spins, as well as a 2x multiplier on all wins, will be awarded as part of the prize. Scatters, on the other hand, can pay up to 100 times your bet.

Another way to get 28 free spins is to land three Princess Wilds on all three reels at once. The free spins multiplier would be 5x in this case.

Even regular free spins can be retriggered with a 5x multiplier if Princess Wilds are used instead of scatters. Money symbols, which are represented by the image of a Lotus Flower, will bring prizes when they land in view. They can pay anywhere from 2 to 8,888 times.

3. Theme and Design

It’s still a Chinese-themed slot machine, but it’s a lot more appealing now. The graphics look like good enough for a release in 2021 from Habanero, a developer known for its stunning visuals.

In the background, you can see temples, mountains, and waterfalls. The reels are set up in front of a large temple.

The slot’s symbols include the Princess Wild and the Vermilion Bird scatter, as well as the Lion, Lantern, Lotus, Urn, Fortune Symbol, and the Royals from 10 to A.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion of slot gacor Mystic Fortune Deluxe review, some intriguing features conspire to make this game as a slot machine worth playing, especially when multipliers are factored in. Big rewards and only moderate volatility are two major advantages to mention in this case.

Read More: Getting Know Poker in the Trenches During WWI

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Getting Know Poker in the Trenches During WWI
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The popularity of poker among troops on both sides of the Civil War. Indeed, the war between the North and South resulted in the spread of poker across the country, with survivors bringing the game back from camps and battlefields to their individual homes.

Card-playing became an important component of troops’ experiences during succeeding conflicts, with World War I (WWI). Sometimes known as the “Great War,” supporting the global expansion of poker. Poker in the Trenches During WWI is the interesting topic to discuss. Let’s dive in!

Poker in the Trenches During WWI: Poker and Propaganda

Poker in the Trenches During WWI

To commemorate WWI’s centenary, the National Playing Card Museum in Tahout, Belgium, sponsored an exhibition highlighting the importance of poker and card playing among European soldiers throughout WWI.

Among the exhibition’s attractions were samples of the many card decks used by German soldiers during WWI. According to curator Filip Cremers, “by the last year of the war, manufacturing of these decks had reached the astounding figure of one million.”

The decks not only provided soldiers with a means to pass the time while in the trenches, but they also served propaganda reasons.

According to Cremers, the cards “depicted German military heroes, notable generals, and combat scenes.”

Some included harsh caricatures of their Allies’ opponents, such as Serbia’s King Peter, Russian Tsar Nicholas II, and the United Kingdom’s First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill.

Decks used by Americans when they entered the war in 1917 were also on display. Some of the decks had flags and colors identifying which Allied soldiers were present.

Poker in the Trenches During WWI: Bets and Bluffs in the Time Frames

The British also carried playing cards into combat. In his journal, British soldier George F. Wear chronicles his experiences fighting in France in the summer of 1916 while weathering continuous German fire and engaging in sporadic fights.

Wear eventually reaches a stage where his original anxieties of coming to harm have subsided as a result of danger’s frequent closeness. Despite being regularly fired at, he remembers “spending much of the night playing poker and vingt-et-un, drinking tremendous amounts of whiskey, cursing the War, and wondering if we should ever go on leave.”

Another renowned WWI player was future President Harry Truman, who, like Wear, found poker to be a pleasant way to spend the time when not on the battlefield.

Truman was in his early 30s when WWI broke out. In 1918, he served as a captain in the American Expeditionary Forces in France. Truman was an ardent player at the time, and David McCullough’s book of Truman describes how he routinely played poker with other troops in the nights.

Poker in the Trenches During WWI: Drawing Parallels Between Poker and Warfare

The metaphorical ties between poker and war are limitless, as many have already highlighted how much vocabulary is common between the two forms of battle. However many historian had told about Poker in the Trenches During WWI.

Chips are “munitions” with which players “fire” wagers, activities that are variously referred to as “drawing the trigger” or “taking a stab.”

In reentry tournaments, players must fire numerous “bullets” if they aren’t handed “bullets” frequently enough. We may also play a hand “under the gun,” go all in with a “gutshot” on the flop, and then find ourselves “drawing dead” on the turn.

That doesn’t even begin to address the numerous parallels between poker strategy and combat, in which many strategies particularly bluffing  are similar. David Apostolico has authored two books that investigate such connections “Tournament Poker and the Art of War”.

Poker in the Trenches During WWI: Did Describe with Cartoon?

In early 1908, a cartoon in the British weekly Punch indicated a link between poker and world violence, foreshadowing the impending war. The cartoon, titled “Poker and Tongs alternatively, How We’ve Got to Play the Game,” was inspired by Britain and Germany’s protracted and increasingly intense armaments competition for naval dominance.

Two generals are seen sitting with cards in their hands, but instead of chips, there are tiny naval ships on the table. The first to speak is Kaiser Wilhelm II, who declares, “I go three Dreadnoughts,” a referring to the warship recently deployed by the Royal Navy.

His opponent is John Bull, and he says, “Well, just to prove you there’s no bad, I raise you three.” As the title indicates, the expansion of the German fleet pushed the United Kingdom’s hand, raising the stakes between the two nations.

After the war started, another iconic cartoon appeared in 1915, portraying the Kaiser with bloody hands playing “His Last Card,” represented as the jack of spades with a portrait of Ferdinand I, the ruler of Bulgaria who had just made a contract with Germany and invaded Serbia. Right now, everyone is playing at slot gacor.

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Sweet Sugar Slot Review: RTP 96%, Evoplay
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Are you searching for the Sweet Sugar slot review? This is a slot gacor machine by Evoplay, takes the luxury theme to the next level by placing you on a yacht with two stunning young women. 

The slot is fairly pleasant, and the beautiful Alexa and Camila will be your companions as you spin the reels and try your hand at a life-changing jackpot, given that the developer has a penchant for producing stunning graphics to match with their stories.

Summary of Sweet Sugar Slot Review

Sweet Sugar slot review

Sweet Sugar is more than capable of paying well even with only 15 active lines on its 5×3 reels, as its jackpots can reach an amazing 17,920x the bet. 

Granted, this applies to the respins as well, but it’s a possibility. Sticky wilds with multipliers and respins, scatters and free spins, as well as a Champagne Feature, are among the game’s main special features.

1. Betting and Winnings

The number of lines and the bets don’t appear to have anything in common. For a spin, you can spend anything from $0.10 to $50.

Sweet Sugar mentions wins of up to 17,920x the stake as a possibility, but it’s unlikely that you’ll earn anywhere near that. Regular winning combos promise rewards of up to 10x, but even with multipliers and respins, getting there will be difficult.

This game has a high level of volatility and an RTP of 96%.

2. Game Features

Wild symbols that appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 will be used to assist in the formation of new combinations while also adding a 2x multiplier to their payouts.

When a multiplier wild appears, the Respin function will be activated. Respins can continue as long as new wilds appear on the screen. Wilds can also appear on all reels at this time, allowing them to create their own combinations. Respins appear to be the only way to go close to the 17,920x jackpot.

Another intriguing feature is that the Champagne scatter will appear on the same three reels as the wild (1, 3 and 5). If you get all three, you’ll get 10 free spins. These will not be retriggerable.

Following losing spins, on the other hand, you’ll see 2-3 reels filled in a single sort of symbol, increasing the chances of new winnings emerging over all lines. Champagne is the name of the feature, and it derives from the two girls who spray the reels with foam.

3. Design and Theme

The luxury theme is obviously a wonderful pick, especially since it comes in a modern style, but Evoplay has also included a couple of lovely women to keep you company while you play. 

Alexa and Camila are sitting in a jacuzzi at the bottom of the game area, and their names are Alexa and Camila. The Yacht Wild, Champagne scatters, Pendants, Rings, Watches, Sunglasses, the four diamond-encrusted card suits, and a Crown will all be symbols.

Final Words

In conclusion of this Sweet Sugar slot review, it’s one of the more attractive luxury-themed online slots we’ve seen recently, and you’ll find plenty of reasons to play it, even if the big payout doesn’t appeal to you.

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Crusader Slot Review (ELK Studios) RTP 96.10%, Medium Volatility
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Are you interested with this Crusader slot review? The Middle Ages have long been a source of inspiration for game makers, but we haven’t heard the Crusades referenced much, thus Elk Studios did a fantastic job in focusing their latest slot on this period of history.

Summary of Crusader Slot Review

Crusader slot review

Crusader is a fascinating game, and we’re not just talking about the 5×4 reels and 26 lines you get to play with right away. You can get up to 12 symbols high on each reel, with up to 98 active lines, at some stages in the game. The slot’s best wins will reach $250,000 each spin, or around 2,500 times the wager. 

It’s a medium-high volatility game with an RTP of 96.10%, which most people would consider acceptable. The Crusader Wild expansion symbols, re-spins, nudges, and free spins are all included in the game’s list of features.

1. Wagering Options

You choose the wager directly, that is, the entire value for it, from a range of $0.20 to $100. There will always be 100 coins in the wager, which implies that you can only go up to $1 with their denomination.

Looking at the rewards, we see that the slot has a maximum of $250,000, which means it can only pay out around 2,500 times the bet. It has a medium-high level of volatility, so it isn’t the safest game to play, but the benefits should be worth it. We know that the game’s RTP is 96.10%, which is perfectly acceptable.

2. Game Features

For starters, you’ll see regular-sized wilds with a red and gold cross on them, as well as the Wild logo. This is a substitute that can be used alongside any of the regular symbols to build combinations.

On columns 1 and 5, you’ll also find a Crusader Wild, which will appear stacked and capable of covering the entire reel. If it fails to take over the reel, re-spins will be triggered, bringing these symbols into full display.

The game awards you free spins if you have two Crusader Wilds fully visible in a single round. There are eight rounds to begin with, with sticky wilds covering reels 1 and 5.

Expansion symbols will play a key role in the game during the free spins, as they will appear and expand the game area by one row. There are up to 12 rows accessible in total, resulting in a total of 98 lines. 

Each expansion symbol you obtain will grant you an additional free spin. Crusader has a terrific blend of features, but the free spins will undoubtedly get the most attention.

3. Design and Theme

The Middle Ages’ Holy Wars and the Crusades, which were dispatched by European nations to the Middle East, are not light topics, but Elk Studios manages to convert them into a fun slot machine. 

The graphics are as good as they’ve always been, which is to be expected from this developer. The crusader, holy books, expansion symbols, wild crosses, a goblet, daggers, many shields with the cross on them, and a few basic Royals are among the game’s symbols.

Final Words

In the end of this Crusader slot review, it appears to be an intriguing option in most ways, but we wish they’d included a higher top payoff to match with the medium-high volatility. Visit Slot gates of olympus for a great adventure.

Read More: Basic Rules of Blackjack: Important to Help Get Your Winnings

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Basic Rules of Blackjack: Important to Help Get Your Winnings
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Blackjack is the simplest card game to pick up, but players who want to master the game should study the basic rules of blackjack thoroughly.

The lot of people believe that to win big in blackjack is to reach as close to 21 as possible. In reality, the objective is to beat the dealer’s hand while staying under 21.

It’s a minor differential, but it’s significant since players may frequently win on worse hands by waiting for the dealer to bust. This is only one example of how completely understanding blackjack rules can assist new gamblers in making better decisions.

1. Betting Rules Of Blackjack

Blackjack tables, like any other casino game, have bet limitations that all players must follow to. These vary depending on whether the game is intended for high rollers or low rollers, but the minimum and maximum wagers often range from $2 to $1,000.

In blackjack, players must place their bets before any cards are dealt. The game begins after that. When it’s the player’s turn, they have six moves to choose from, some of which have additional betting rules:

Stand Rules

First additional basic rules of blackjack are stand rules. A player should ‘stand’ if they are satisfied with their hand and want to conclude their turn. The dealer (together with the other players) will then continue to draw until all of their hands are complete.

A player’s turn is over when they stand, and the rules stipulate that they cannot make any additional bets. Unless the dealer has a 7 or higher up card, players usually stand on hands worth 17 or more and hands worth 13-16.

Hit Rules

A player must ‘hit’ in order to receive another card. There are no additional bets required, and there is no limit to how many times you can hit. The dealer’s up card determines whether you should hit or stand. Players should not hit unless their hand is an 11 or lower if the dealer’s upcard is a 6 or lower.

Double Down Rules

The ‘double down’ strategy can double a player’s wager, but it’s also dangerous. For one extra card, players must match their previous wager; they cannot hit after that. The dealer will hand them the card face down, and the player must wait for the dealer to flip the card after all wagers have been resolved.

Players can only double down if their hand value totals 9, 10, or 11, and they can only do it once per round, according to some blackjack betting rules.

Basic Rules of Blackjack

Surrender Rules

If a player has a bad hand, several blackjack varieties allow them to return their cards in exchange for a refund of half their original stake. If a player wishes to surrender, he or she must do so before drawing any further cards. Surrender is usually done according to one of two rules:

  • Early Surrender: A player might surrender before the dealer looks at their hole card.
  • Late Surrender: a gambler might surrender after the dealer has peeked for blackjack.

Early surrender is unusual in online blackjack games and only appears on rare occasions. For example, PlayTech has a few RNG-powered games with early surrender.

Surrender is not a choice in several blackjack varieties. These are often blackjack games with lower player odds.

Even Money Rules

When a player has blackjack and the dealer’s up card is an Ace, the dealer may ask for ‘even money.’ Before the dealer checks for blackjack, they must accept a 1:1 payout on their original stake. This bet, like insurance, isn’t normally recommended because players are statistically better off not taking it.

Split Rules

When a player is dealt a pair (two cards of equal value), they can split their hand into two independent hands and play them separately. When splitting, the player must match their original stake in order to cover their new second hand.

Splitting has the most rules variations of any move in 21. Some casinos allow only one split per round, while others allow up to three splits per round, resulting in four hands. If players are unsure of the casino’s betting rules, they should always contact the dealer or consult the blackjack variation rules.

2. Dealer Rules Of Blackjack

Dealers in blackjack follow the same basic rules of blackjack and goals as players in 21. Aces are still valued one or eleven for the dealer, and number and face cards have the same value. When it comes to bets, however, the dealer regulations in blackjack differ.

Because dealers are in charge of handling bets, blackjack rules prohibit them from placing the following wagers:

  • Take Insurance
  • Split hands
  • Double down
  • Surrender

When it comes to standing, the blackjack dealer regulations differ as well. The dealer must hit if their hand value is 16 or less, and stand if their hand value is 17 or higher, according to the rules. Most dealers, however, will hit on a soft 17 depending on the casino rules and blackjack variations.

3. Table Rules Of Blackjack

New players may discover that different online gaming sites and casinos have varied blackjack regulations and procedures. 

Some of these limitations are useful to the player, while others might significantly reduce their chances of winning. Before entering a blackjack game, players should carefully review the following table rules:

  • Blackjack Payouts: Blackjack pays out 3:2, however some casinos also provide attractive 2:1 payouts on occasion. Avoid 21 games with a stingy 6:5 blackjack payout.
  • Number of Decks: While most blackjack table rules call for 6-8 decks in the shoe, single-deck games are also available and provide the lowest house edge in the game.
  • Bet Limits: Different bet limits will be available at blackjack tables to appeal to players with varying bankroll sizes. Choose the table that will provide the most gameplay for the least amount of money.
  • Mixture of Rules: When it comes to blackjack rule variants, certain casinos are picky. As a general rule, players should select for table rules that give them more alternatives rather than those that limit their options.

Play And Use Basic Rules Of Blackjack

Now that you understand the basic rules of blackjack, you can play online and casino table games for real money or just for having fun. The more you learn particular games, the more likely you are to beat the house and win more money.

See? That wasn’t that difficult, was it? We have all the information and assistance you need if you’re looking for even more amazing blackjack tips or want to get started with some or more intense blackjack strategy from bandar slot online site.

Read More: Book of Atem Slot Review – Betting Range, Features and Theme

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Book of Atem Slot Review – Betting Range, Features and Theme
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Are you curious about the Book of Atem slot review? Microgaming now has an own Book-style game of its own with this game, a slot created by All41Studios.

Expect better graphics than Book of Ra, but everything else will be very much the same, thus there will be no credit for creativity. On the other hand, if you like a more modern design with all of your favorite features and gameplay, this is a good slot to try out.

Related Topic: Slot Game Tips For Beginners

Summary of Book of Atem Slot Review

book of atem slot

There are five reels spinning, ten lines generating combos, and top wins of up to 5,000x total bet to be won (at maximum, that’s $125,000 in your pocket). 

Though it has a high volatility, Book of Atem also has a respectable RTP of 96.45%, so it’s not a bad title to consider. This game offers wilds/scatters, free spins, and unusual expanding symbols, which comes as no surprise.

1. Wagering and Prizes

First part of our Book of Atem slot review is about wagering and prizes. In Book of Atem, you can bet anywhere from $0.10 to $25 per spin, and the slot machine will always have 10 coins and 10 active lines. As a result, your line bet will change between $0.01 and $2.50.

The Pharaoh symbol, which pays up to 500x the bet per line, is the highest paying symbol in the Book of Atem (for 5 symbols). 

If you can get the Pharaoh to cover all 15 slots on those 5 reels, the resulting 10 combos will pay out a total of 5,000x your total bet. That’s a $125,000 prize for only one spin (it’s usually a free spins round because expanding symbols are used there).

It’s worth noting that you’re aiming after high-volatility titles with big payouts when playing these Book-inspired games. Long-term, it will pay as well as any other slot, as shown by the RTP of 96.45%.

2. Slot Features

In terms of features, the Book of Atem will have a Book as its major symbol, as you may imagine. This one generally acts as a wild symbol, so you can use it to make regular winnings, but occasionally it may appear three or more times on the reels at the same moment, triggering the free spins.

This slot will also pay out a decent amount if it appears up to five times on the reels, making it quite rewarding right away. 

There is, however, a bigger possibility if you reach the 10 free spins. The slot chooses a single random symbol to grant it exceptional characteristics, such as expanding on the reels where it falls. 

The goal is to get these on all five reels so that they can grow and produce ten winning combos with the biggest payouts. You’d prefer to be picked as Pharaoh because it pays the most.

3. Theme and Story

The last of our Book of Atem slot Review is about theme and story. With Book of Atem, the Ancient Egypt genre gains another spot as one of the top three most popular themes of all time. It’s one of the more attractive slots in this category, but there are dozens of others that perform just as well, so it’s not exactly a recommendation. 

Playing cards are the most common symbols in the slot, followed by lotus flowers, falcons, cobra snakes, Pharaohs, and the Book of Atem.

Our Conclusion

book of atem slot Microgaming
Source: ManySpins

At the end of this Book of Atem slot review, it will include all of the same features, mechanics, and even top jackpots as previous Book-themed slots. It’s not a particularly unique game, but it’s well-made enough that if you appreciate the genre, you might want to give it a shot.

Many online gaming sites now offer the Book of Atem slot as one of their games. If you intend to play this game, search for relevant keywords like Book of Atem demo, Book of Atem Slot, Situs Judi Online Terpercaya and so on to find a variety of gaming sites that provide it.

Before parting ways, we’d like to recommend you play some simple classic slots to get used to the slot pattern. Try Crazy Farm Race, Dubya Fruit Machine, and Bees Buzz slot machines if you like themed slot games.

That is the end of our Book of Atem slot review, we hope this information will be helpful.

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What’s The Most Shared Video on TikTok, from Zach King to Khaby Lame
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Are you wondering what’s the most shared video on TikTok? It has dominated the social media landscape over the past two years, keeping us all occupied, spreading happy thoughts, and motivating us when we’re bored. 

There are a lot of famous videos on TikTok, but what are the most popular TikTok of all time? Well, these top 8 most loved TikTok differs significantly from the list of most viewed TikTok.

What’s The Most Shared Video on TikTok That You Can Enjoy?

Zach King now holds the record for the most viewed TikTok of all time, with 2.2 BILLION views at the time of publication. With four films in the top five, he takes up another two slots on the list. Also included are James Charles, Bella Poarch, and Khaby Lame.

1. Harry Potter Illusion by Zach King (2.2 Billion Views)

The uncontested King of mind-blowing TikTok is back with a new video. With 2.2 *BILLION* Zach presently holds the record for most viewed TikTok video of all time. We won’t divulge the video’s revelation; instead, we’ll let you discover the magic for yourself…

What's The Most Shared Video on TikTok

2. Christmas Wonderland Transition by James Charles (1.7 Billion Views)

Without James Charles, it wouldn’t be a most-viewed list, would it? Despite the popularity of his cosmetic makeovers, dance performances, and vocal collaborations on the app, his most popular video is a look into his 2019 Sisters Christmas Party.

3. Cake Glass Illusion by Zach King (966.4 Million Views)

Zach’s at it again, this time with an illusion that will make you doubt everything. If it was a cake the whole time, how did he pour the water into the glass? Was there a slash in the fabric? Is it retouched? Help. This video has a total of 13.2 million likes, but honestly? It is deserving of more.

4. M to The B by Bella Poarch (683.6 Million Views)

Bella’s ‘M To The B’ video is TikTok’s most liked video ever, with 56.3 million likes (at time of last update), although it only ranks fifth on the most seen list. Still, not terrible for a video from August 2020 that only shows someone bobbing their head to the ubiquitous Millie B song. That’s not awful at all.

5. Paint Loop by Zach King (659.5 Million Views)

Zach posted this TikTok in October of 2019 and it’s still gaining popularity over a year later.

6. Dancing to Nelly Furtado’s ‘Say It Right by Jamie32bish (392.9 Million Views)

TikTok, the app that spawned a million duets. Jamie32bish’s TikTok has been imitated by a slew of big TikTok stars and personalities from around the world. The video itself has 48.4 million likes (as of April 2022), making it one of TikTok’s most popular videos.

7. A Smiling Baby by Daeox (391.3 Million Views)

In December 2020, a video of @Daeox’s cute infant was uploaded to TikTok and immediately rose to the top of the most viewed list. With 34.9 million likes, the video is also one of the most popular on the platform. A week later, the identical video was republished on the account, garnering another 74 million views.

8. How to Open The Car Door by Khaby Lame (350 Million Views)

This hilarious mocking of a mirror hack that enables individuals in the rear seat to see if there’s a car driving by before they open the door is Khaby Lame’s highest entry on the most viewed TikTok list. What is the solution? Babes, all you have to do is peek out the window.

Well, that what’s the most shared video on TikTok. You can also download tiktok videos for offline content at the most reputable downloader. 

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Continental Princess Slot Review | RTP 95.09%
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Are you searching for the Continental Princess slot review? Well… It is a slot machine with a theme that we’ve seen before, but players don’t appear to be bored with it. 

This Swintt game, which brings us to South America and is themed on one of the region’s long-gone civilizations, is likely to be amusing, but it will come at a price: a low RTP.

The Detail of Continental Princess Slot Review

Continental Princess has 5×3 reels and 10 active lines that pay both ways, and it uses them to produce wins of up to 1,000x the bet in a single spin (including respins). Although the stated RTP of 95.09% does not excite me, the increasingly wild and its respins could show to be intriguing features.

1. Wagering and Prizes

Every spin will cost between $0.10 and $100, and you’ll need a bet big enough to cover all active lines (10 in total).

Continental Princess Slot Review

A game area full of Jaguars will be the biggest prize that Continental Princess has to offer. The maximum payout is 250 times your wager, but because up to three respins are treated as part of the same round, you might win up to 1,000 times your entire wager.

Continental Princess’s most generous offer is to repay 95.09 percent of all bets placed therein. As a result, that’s a below-average amount that’s hardly worth wagering on. It can, however, go much lower than that, so make sure the operator hasn’t selected one of the lowest possibilities.

2. Game Features

The game’s wild symbol will be the Princess. It only appears on the third, fourth, and fifth reels, and it expands as it does. It can now be a component of all conceivable winning combinations on up to ten active lines at the same time.

When the Princess Wild emerges, a respin feature will be activated. Up to three respins are possible, but they will be rounds without any wilds on the reels. Because they are free, it is impossible to disagree with them.

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3. Theme and Design

Continental Princess has a Mayan pattern, indicating that it is based on the history of South America.

The major symbol will be a Princess, which will represent the wild. There are also images of the Jaguar and Dragon, as well as five diamonds (yellow, green, orange, red, purple). The overall design is poor, yet it is fun.

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About Developer 

Swintt stands out among a variety of gaming solution providers for its revolutionary approach to producing games that are powered by knowledge, data, and design. 

The developer caters to the long-term viability of the iGaming industry, as well as B2B markets that connect customers and players seeking high-quality games. 

In the future, players can expect to see intriguing casino slots that are entirely created in HTML5, allowing them to be tested on their mobile devices while on the road.

Our Conclusion

At the end of this Continental Princess slot review, it isn’t a particularly sophisticated slot machine, but it can appeal to those who prefer simple gaming. We wouldn’t recommend it as a risky bet due to its low RTP.

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Prost Slot Review (Medium Volatility | RTP 96.57%) Habanero
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Are you ready to play an online fruit machine? Before that, let’s take a look at the Prost slot review. This Habanero’s next release is a German beer festival-themed slot machine that will be released during the colder months of Europe, therefore despite the bright design, it will be released at an inopportune moment.

However, Habanero is known for producing visually appealing slot machines, and Prost is nothing like that. Given the amazing payouts and the mix of unique features that will keep you on your toes, you have plenty of ways to try it out.

Prost Slot Review Overview

You will be playing a gambling slot with 5×3 reels and 25 active lines. It will have a medium level of volatility, with payouts of up to 1,500x the bet and an RTP of 96.57%. Wilds, free spins, and up to 10x multipliers are just a few of the wonderful features in this game.

1. Bet and Prizes

You can wager as little as $0.25 ($0.01 for each of the 25 lines). However, because you may change the number of coins on each line as well as their denomination, you can spend a lot more. It’s possible that the maximum bet ($20 per line) will be $500.

Prost Slot Review

The payments they’ve mentioned for a single round will go up to 1,500x the total bet. Because this is a medium volatility slot, we believe you’ll be pleased with the potential payouts.

There are four alternative RTP options available, with the 96.57% option being the one we’d recommend looking for. There is one with a greater percentage, 97.95%, but we doubt anyone will use it. The lower settings are 94 percent and 92.22%, thus knowing the RTP before you play is essential.

2. Game Features

Wild symbols will appear on the screen, and they will act as both substitutions and triggers for the slot’s main features. Wilds are divided into 2 categories: one for the Bavarian Man and another for the Waitress. If you get 5 of the same category on a line, they will pay 500x.

You’ll be able to use the Map Feature whenever one of these wilds occurs and becomes part of a winning combination. They may be able to deliver you a cash benefit (up to 1,000x).

In addition, the same wilds can also be used to activate up to 25 free spins, as well as up to a 10x multiplier on all wins. This is included in the Map bonus. To guarantee the creation of a Beer Mug, you must first combine 5 of them into a combo. If you have the wild stop at that Mug, you’ll get a 2x or 3x multiplier.

You’ll be rewarded 12 free spins if three or more wilds of the same type appear in winning combinations at the same time.

There’s also a Prost setting, which pours beer all over the reels, completely filling them. You must hit the Beer Mugs symbol on the first and fifth reels to trigger it. The system then combines all of the positions into a single random symbol that pays on all 25 active lines, producing some impressive returns.

3. Design and Theme

A traditional beer festival in Bavaria, Germany, inspired Prost. Before they drink, they say, Prost, which is the local version of saying Cheers. The design is rich with features, including a Bavarian beer hall in the background, as well as barrels of beer, bread, and bagels.

When it comes to the symbols that appear on the reels, some of them will include Royals bound together with ribbons. Beer barrels, sausages, bagels, accordions, and the two main characters as wilds are among the finest symbols (Beer Drinker and Waitress).

Final Words

Overall of this Prost slot review, we believe you’ll be pleased with Prost, a real-money slot built specifically for beer drinkers. Because the volatility isn’t too high, you’ll find it simple to play, visit gamesdinasti.

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