Playing the Best Online Capsa Susun

Guide to Playing the Best Online Capsa Susun in Indonesia

Capsa Susun Online – For all of you who are still easy and are players who just want to join the Indonesian online capsa stacking site who still don’t know what is meant by capsa and how to play capsa can just listen carefully to the article this time will we explain in detail and detail for you.

Capsa susun online is a playing card game that can be played with 4 people at once where each player will be divided by each player with 13 cards that must be arranged to get a combination of 5 cards that have the highest combination value.

For those of you who are beginners and still don’t understand how to play capsa stacking cards properly and correctly, you can just read and understand well this article about how to play capsa stacking cards, which we will tell you how to play capsa.

The most important and most common thing you have to do so that you can play the online capsa stacking game properly and correctly is to register to join a site that already provides several games, one of which is capsa susun online stacking which is the most favorite game for you. Play on capsa online terpercaya many benefits from fun card gambling games.

For those of you who have registered and joined the site, you can just log in to find out the contents of a site that you choose and which you will use to play online capsa stacking gambling.

How to play capsa susun online stacking correctly so you can win a lot

Capsa Susun Online

Now let’s go straight to the main discussion about how to play capsa stacking properly and correctly so that you can win a lot with very few losses. Here we will tell you how to play capsa stacking.

You can just make a deposit with a very low minimum deposit, with only 2 orbs you can already play the game. After that you can just enter the game table you want to play with other players at the table.

The following is the order of the online capsa city games from the highest to the lowest:

  • Dragon is a combination of cards in a complete sequence of 13 cards from Ace-K numbers. (As♥, 2✦, 3♣, 4✦, 5♣, 6✦, 7♥, 8♠, 9✦, 10♠, J♥, Q♠, and K✦)
  • Royal Flush is a combination arrangement of Straight Flush cards with the same image and has the card with the highest value. For example 10♠ – J♠ – Q♠ – K♠ – Ace♠.
  • Straight Flush is a combination of 5 pieces of cards that have sequential values ​​and cards with pictures or flowers of the same type. For example A♥ – 2♥ – 3♥ – 4♥ – 5♥ K✦ – Q✦ – J✦ – 10✦ – 9✦.
  • 4 Of A Kind has 4 cards with different combinations of flowers and the same number or commonly known as Piting/Siki. For example K♠ – 8✦ – 8♥ – 8♠ – 8♣ or 5♣ – 5♥ – 5✦ – 5♠ – 10♣.
  • Full House is a combination of cards with 2 of the same numerical value and 3 types of cards with the same numerical value. For example, for example A♠ – A♣ – A✦ – K♠ – K♣.
  • Flush is a combination of 5 cards of the same suit (flower) and numbers may be different. Example A✦ – J✦ – 9✦ – 6✦ – 3✦.
  • Straight is a combination of cards that are in sequence but, the images are not the same. For example: A✦ – 2♣ – 3♠ – 4♥ – 5♠.
  • 3 Of A Kind is a combination of 3 types of cards that have a triple value. For example K✦ – 10♣ – A♠ – A♥ – A✦.
  • 2 Pair is a combination of 2 cards with the same number value, for example Q✦ – 8✦ – 8♥ – J✦ – J♣.
  • One Pair is a combination of 2 of the same card, for example 5♣ – 5♥ – 2♣ – J✦ – 7♠.

In the capsa stacking city game, players get the opportunity to be able to use their respective game strategies as long as they are still in accordance with the rules that have been set by the dealer or maker of the capsa stacking game.

Thus our interesting review about Guide to Playing the Best Online Capsa Susun in Indonesia, hopefully it can be useful information for you in playing gambling. /Aha

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