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Temple Stacks Slot Review: Features, Bonuses, RTP & Number of Reels

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Yggdrasil demonstrates once more that they are an organization that doesn’t hesitate to attempt new things. Their most recent slot, Temple Stacks Slot, achieves a few firsts for the business and pushes the boundaries of slots a little. One benefit is that we get to watch their brand-new Splitz gaming mechanic in action for the first time.

The game’s potential, which seems to be Yggdrasil’s biggest to date, is the second significant change. The stats related to Temple Stacks Slot are significant on all fronts. Large numbers by themselves, of course, do not ensure a successful game, so let’s start the beast and see what it can do.

The first impressions don’t really match what loads up if you know the numbers before attempting the game. Though it’s not particularly attractive in terms of design, Yggdrasil has restrained their creative staff and developed something a little more understated than normal. Make sure to tilt your mobile device into landscape mode if you’re playing okeplay777 slot.

In this approach, some exotic forest images that you wouldn’t see in a portrait mood frames the gaming grid. It’s a tiny thing, but it improves the mood. Choose a wager between 10 percent and £/€100, and we’re off — either manually or by configuring an infinite number of automatic spins.

The game is run by Yggdrasil using their brand-new Splitz engine, as was previously reported. This Megaways-like system offers 243 initial win ways, 5 reels, 3 rows, and 3 rows. When three or more identical symbols appear side-by-side on adjacent reels running from left to right, a winning combination is created.

These figures rise as the grid gets bigger, as one might anticipate. Up to 12 symbols may appear on each reel when the game is at its most powerful, creating an astounding 248,832 win ways. It’s interesting that Yggdrasil has chosen not to use any kind of cascading win mechanism, which is novel for this kind of game. At 96.1%, RTP is good and average, while volatility is in the pleasing medium-to-high range.

The actual symbols have been simply created. In addition to 5 high-paying symbols that are square stones in the colors of orange, purple, green, blue, and red, there are 5 low-paying symbols with Aztec/Mayan designs on them. Value-wise, low-paying symbols payout up to 0.5x, while high-paying symbols can pay out up to 1x the bet.

The red square, which is worth 2.5 times the stake, is the only exception. On paper, it seems hopeless, but hold off before dismissing it. Temple Stacks Slot can provide big prizes because of the variety of features and win ways available.

Temple Stacks Slot: Features

The Splitz Mystery Stacks is the feature that is most frequently seen. During both the main game and free spins, these Stacks can appear on any reel and can either completely cover a reel or cover a few symbols.

Mystery Stacks, which are essential for maximizing win ways, break into 3-9 symbols during base game play and 3-12 symbols during free spins. The same symbol, which can be anything other than hybrid or scatter symbols, is revealed by all Mystery Stacks.

On occasion, the reels will include numerous Mystery Stacks, guaranteeing the landing of a winning combination. Then, three distinct symbol categories and the prizes they represent show above the reels. Before the Stacks stop rotating and show which symbol has won, this effect creates some stressful moments.

A spiky shield is the game’s scatter symbol; three or more of them are required to start free spins, and if two of them appear, they transform into Scatter Wild Hybrid symbols.

The remaining reels then respin in an effort to either land more scatters or at the very least make use of the two that have already appeared while holding the scatters in place. If you’re lucky and manage to land 3, 4, or 5 scatters, you’ll win 1x, 10x, or 100x your wager in addition to starting the free spins.

There are 4 tiers of free spins, each with unique volatility and game regulations. Players can select whichever one they like when they are initially unlocked one at a time. Steel, Bronze, Silver, and Gold are the four levels, and they are followed by 3-9, 4-10, 5-11, or 6-12 Mystery Stack Splitz, respectively. There will initially be less free spins, though, the higher the Splitz:

  • 3 scatters grant free spins worth 15 steel, 9 bronze, 6 silver, and 3 gold.
  • 4 scatter symbols grant 20 steel, 12 bronze, 8 silver, and 4 gold free spins.
  • Five scatters award free spins worth 35 steel, 21 bronze, 14 silver, and 7 gold.

During the bonus rounds, scatters and hybrids continue to emerge, and three or more of them will add additional free spins in accordance with the list above.

Temple Stacks Slot: Verdict

It was just a matter of time before we would start to see many varieties on the market given the demand for the Megaways engine. What essentially began with Play’n GO’s Perfect Gems has since given rise to many additional imitations. Temple Stacks certainly include elements of Megaways, but overall, there is enough separation from Big Time Gaming’s creation.

The graphic appearance is a little more generic than we’re used to seeing from Yggdrasil, but overall it’s a good game. Additionally, be ready for some subpar sessions. The over average volatility might cause streaks of dead spins, and without features or active multiple lines, low symbol values aren’t worth anything. Simply put, the mathematical model is not as complex or refined as what you typically get with the Megaways engine.

The fun may be amazing when it does go off. We mentioned that Temple Stacks Slot has some of Yggdrasil’s most impressive metrics, with the possibility to return up to 25,000 times the investment being the most exciting.

When you peruse the numerous online casino forums, remarkable Yggdrasil wins are comparatively rare. If this one, too, fails to yield some extraordinary hits, then perhaps it’s time for Yggdrasil to think about hiring some new mathematicians. Time will only tell.

All in all, if we had to provide any constructive critique of Temple Stacks Slot, we would say that sometimes it can feel a little cold and impersonal. The high pay symbols might need a little more personality because they are a touch boring. However, as it stands, Temple Stacks Slot is a strong game with great potential and a novel game mechanic that is definitely worth playing.

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