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Village Brewery Slot Demo Machine: All Reviews

You know what the Germans like: beer and efficiency. Suffice to say that with the Village Brewery Slot demo, we are served. 3 reels, 3 rows, 9 paylines and pints that win you galore. Caleta Gaming takes you to Munich where the Oktoberfest is in full swing. Order Wild, Scatter and bonus mini-game symbols to join the festival.

From a minimum of 1 cent, you enter the dance to try to win the Super Win of €300,000. Be careful, abuse of winnings is dangerous for your wallet.

Bonuses and winning combinations

Come on, let’s start the aperitif with Scatters: line up 3 barrels to access the bonus mini-game. This one has as its theme… beer. Nothing unusual so far. 15 mugs come your way. You must select them one by one to accumulate the winnings, up to €22,500. But be careful, if you break 2 pints, you collect your winnings and the game ends. A most interactive and effective way to inflate your booty.

The Wild (joker) is represented by the game logo. It acts as a joker and boosts your winning combinations.

Our German friends have added a little madness to this opus: focus on Frida on the right of the interface. When you don’t win, it can sometimes give you a little boost and change any symbol to Wild in order to force fate. Dank Frida!


We are not going to write you a book on this opus when we know that it is efficiency that is put forward here. We repeat it to you, 3 reels, 3 rows and 9 paylines are at your disposal to help you win. And on our side, we tested and we gained a lot. No wonder, because with a redistribution rate of 94.61%, this slot machine is one of the most generous on the market.

Take part in the Oktoberfest from a minimum bet of 1 cent, and bet up to €450 to win the biggest winnings.


Let’s start the aperitif with the Scatters: line up three barrels to enter the bonus mini-game. This one has beer as its central topic. So far, nothing strange. Here are 15 mugs for you. To collect the winnings, which can total up to €22,500, you must choose them one at a time. 

But take care—if you spill two pints, the game is over and you collect your prizes. A highly engaging and efficient method of increasing your booty size. The game’s logo represents The Wild (joker). It performs the role of a joker and increases your winning combinations.

Focus on Frida on the right side of the user interface as our German friends have added a touch of lunacy to this masterpiece. When you lose, it occasionally gives you a boost and turns any symbol into Wild to influence fate. Merci Frida!

You can participate in the dance for as little as one penny in an effort to win the Super Win of $300,000. Be careful because misusing gains can hurt your finances. 

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