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11 Best Western Gambling Films: Perfect Entertainment in the Midst of a Pandemic

Who doesn’t like movies? Movies are often one type of entertainment that can change the mood. The days that used to be boring become more exciting. Especially if you watch your favorite movie. What about Western Gambling Films? If you like it, then keep reading.

Talking about movies during the current pandemic, we present 11 movie recommendations. Of course it will be fun to watch. That recommendation is about the best Western Gambling Films.

These 11 Best Western Gambling Films !

Films about gambling are identical to Mandarin films which generally tell about the career journey of a god of gambling . Maybe the series of films are so popular in our country because these films were often shown on our TV stations around the 90s. 

But, you know, apart from the Mandarin films, apparently there are also western gambling films that cover the glitter of casino business life . Starting from conflicts between characters, to gambling tricks. All are well exhibited by the characters of the film. 

These best western gambling films, of course, also feature exciting action action. Of course, ready to make the audience excited. Plus there are also spices for romance.

Instead of playing online gambling on betting sites, it’s better to watch 11 western films about gambling that you must watch. In particular, to fill the days in the midst of the current pandemic. 

Gambling Movie 21 

Maybe this Western Gambling Films was inspired by a group of students around the 80s-90s who named their group MIT Blackjack. At that time there were 4 students who became the pioneers of the formation of MIT Blackjack. Each has expertise in the field of Mathematics. They then use their expertise to win blackjack gambling. 

With the right math formula, they often win the gamble. Soon, their prestige rose and they also recruited members to play in several casinos in America and Europe. Well, from this inspiring true story, a film with the title 21 was made.

Similar to the original story, the characters in this Western Gambling Films are also a group of students studying in the Mathematics department. These students use their Mathematics as a trick to win the game of Blackjack. 

They try to find their luck at the Blackjack tables in Las Vegas. While in this gambling center city, they will not only get pleasure, but also a test in the form of a bitter reality. This fact makes the personal group of students sad, angry, and disappointed. Are you curious about what the complete storyline is like? Watch the film first. 

Read also, the story of the Blackjack student fighter in the gambling film: Film 21

Casino Royale Western Gambling Films 

This Western Gambling Films, which was released in 2008, is very famous. It has succeeded in attracting millions of viewers from all over the world. I’m not surprised. Because this film takes well-known actors. Who has played a secret agent character many times named agent 007. 

Agent 007, played by James Bond, is given the task of handling a terrorism case involving a banker and terrorist named Le Chiffre. These bankers are none other than the financiers of various acts of terrorism that have occurred in several countries.

One way to get a lot of funds and in a short time, Le Chiffre joins as a player in one of the luxury casinos called Casino Royale. Well, this 007 agent was ordered to be the banker’s main competitor at the gambling table. He must be able to beat Le Chiffre through a game of poker

Not only that, agent 007 is also tasked with completing another mission, namely destroying the system of terrorist organizations led by Le Chiffre. For those of you who have watched it, you will definitely comment that this Western Gambling Films is very exciting because it displays many action scenes that really make the watching atmosphere tense. 

Because there is one place setting in the form of a luxury casino, there are also scenes that show several characters, including antagonists and film protagonists who show off their slick and tricky gambling skills . In essence, this Western Gambling Films is fun to watch with family or beloved friends.

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Killing Them Softly 

Well, this action film , played by Brad Pitt, was released in 2012. This Western Gambling Films is apparently an adaptation of a novel published in the 1970s. Titled Cogan’s Trade. The essence of this film is actually quite simple, namely an act of robbery against a casino or gambling place. Where it turns out to be controlled by a big Mob. 

Apparently the Mob leadership did not accept the treatment of the robbers who had destroyed one of his cash fields. Without thinking, the Mob leader immediately hired an assassin to kill off the robbers one by one.

Jackie Cogan is a hitman character in a Western Gambling Films. This character has a key role that is able to make anyone who watches this film excited because they are presented with chases and various brutal scenes. 

Well, for those of you who really like watching action movies complete with fighting actions that make your eyes don’t want to blink, the writing team recommends this film.

Brad Pitt’s action is really stunning here. Read the movie: Killing Them Softly

The Cooler

Let’s go back for a moment in 2003. This is where in that year there was a Western Gambling Films about gambling that we thought was very interesting to review.

The title of this film is The Cooler. This is different from Mandarin gambling films which usually present scenes of showing off gambling tricks, cheating when gambling, or the glory of a god of gambling.

The Cooler is more about the story of the life journey of an amateur gambler. Where has a unique gambling talent. 

Bernie, complete with his uniqueness, was then recruited by a casino owner to ‘enliven’ his gambling business. Bernie’s job here is to decide the fate of the players in this casino. 

It’s less exciting if it’s a western gambling film that doesn’t feature romance spices in it. The director of The Cooler apparently did not forget that one spice.

If you’ve seen this film, you’re probably familiar with the scene where Bernie falls in love with a cocktail waitress at the casino. If not, try to watch it. Definitely exciting..  

Molly’s Game

Jessica Chastain stars in MOLLY’S GAME.

Molly’s Game, which was released 3 years ago, has also become one of our favorite Western Gambling Films. That is, the D-Movie writing team . How not to be a favorite; The reason is, this film features a female figure, as the main character. This is really cool.

From this film, at least the audience will have a new insight. That, women are not individuals who are underrated. Which is often underestimated by the opposite sex.

Through the main character, Molly, the director seems to want to prove that women have the right to have the same power, ambition, and dreams. Want to be whatever woman, it is something that’s fine. 

Molly, as told in this film, used to be a skier. His life was instantly shattered because Molly could not fulfill her dream as a professional ski athlete, as her father wanted.

In the midst of confusion and disappointment, Molly then decided to move to Los Angeles and start a new life. There, he reorganized his life until he became interested in the world of gambling.

With hard training plus a strong ambition capital, Molly managed to become one of the respected players. He even doubled as a bookie at a casino in LA. 

Read the bookie movie: Molly’s Game

Runner Runner

You could say this Western Gambling Films is quite different and certainly unique because this film tells of a meeting between online gambling website users and website owners.

Richie is none other than a student with poor financial ability.

Richie tries to fulfill his daily and college needs by playing online gambling on one of the online gambling websites of his choice. Once upon a time, Richie felt cheated by the website. He then intends to meet the manager of the website. Apparently this meeting opened up another side of the world of gambling that Richie had never experienced. Well, this is where Richie’s adventure begins.

Mississippi Grind

In our opinion, the writing team, this Western Gambling Films, is not only about gambling. There is a deep meaning to this film. The film, which was released in 2015, tells the career journey of two poker players which begins with an epic meeting.

Gerry, one of the main characters in the film, is a very talented poker player. Unfortunately, the Goddess of Fortune never approached him. He often loses when playing poker, but that doesn’t make him disappointed.

Gerry then met with Curtis who would later become his best friend. Curtis is a poker player known for his skills. Gerry was impressed by his action. Gerry is happy to invite Curtis to play poker at the national poker championship event in New Orleans. 


There are also other Western Gambling Films that feature the game of poker in the storyline. The film with the title of this deal tells of the fierce competition between participants in the poker tournament which is broadcast on TV stations. 

In this film, there is a scene of a pokerman teaching junior poker players a lesson. There was one junior poker player named Alex who apparently made it through to the final round. Alex himself is a law student who initially did not have the skills and talent to play poker.

When competing in the final round, Alex had to face a professional pokerman. Tony, who used to be a reliable pokerman, saw a unique side of Alex. He also recruited Alex as his protege. Tony believes that one day Alex will become the next pokerman . 

The Gambler

In accordance with the title of the film, The Gambler tells the story of a character named Jim Bennet who is none other than a professor. Unexpectedly, this professor has another side of life that is contrary to the life that is usually shown in public. 

Bennet is a gambling addict. Every day, apart from teaching, he often spends his nights gambling. He also often owes his fellow gamblers to be used as gambling capital. 

Professor Bennet’s life is getting worse day by day due to the debt that is wrapped around him. Because there is no other way, the professor is desperate to escape alias escape from the city where he lives. During his escape, it seems that Professor Bennet has involved several people to help him find money to pay off his debts.

Wow, actually from this Western Gambling Films we can all take a lot of life lessons. For example, from this film we become aware of one of the effects of gambling. Call it the most tangible impact is debt. 

This debt is just one of the bad effects of gambling. Actually there are many other bad effects of gambling activities. Remember, guys, it’s best to stay away from gambling. But if you watch Western Gambling Films, gambling is not prohibited, guys. 

Read the best gambling movies; The Gambler

Ocean’s Eleven: The Series

Again Brad Pitt. This one actor is selling well in the Western Gambling Films world. Whatever role he played, Pitt always cleared it out. Like in the Ocean’s Eleven series on this one. The essence of the series which was first released in 2001 is an act of robbery that was masterminded by Danny Ocean.

To launch the action, Danny recruited 11 other people. Danny and his new friends are targeting 3 casinos, not a big bank or jewelry store, as their targets. Apparently this robbery action will be made as the biggest robbery in history. Danny deliberately set this robbery so that he was famous and respected by other criminals. 

The three casinos that Danny and his friends are targeting are very famous casinos and are able to generate a turnover of millions of US dollars. Did Danny and his friends manage to ‘make’ a new record? Instead of being curious, it’s better to just watch this one Western Gambling Films. 

Also read, 60s bandit-themed gambling film: Ocean’s Eleven

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

Well, this Western Gambling Films is based on the true story of a legendary poker player, Stu Ungar. He is a professional poker player who has won the WSOP world poker event 3 times. This achievement really makes many poker lovers respect him.

Behind his popularity and very positive image, it seems that Stu Ungar has a very opposite side of life. He is a person who is addicted to illegal drugs. There is also another dark side of Stu’s life that is poured dramatically through this film. 

Well, from the 11 gambling film titles above, there are some of them inspired by true stories of important figures in the world of gambling. Call it High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story, 21, Casino, and Molly’s Game.

Read the movie about gambling true story: Stu Ungar Story 

Moral Values ​​in Western Gambling Films

There are many moral values ​​that we can take from the exciting films above. Although there are more stories about the life of gambling, at least there is another side that we can get from this series of Western Gambling Films. Through characterizations and storylines, at least we have a picture of the world of gambling which is apparently not as smooth as what we see. 

On the other hand, there is another side that clearly displays the negative effects of gambling. Another good value is that we can be inspired by the positive attitudes and traits of the characters in the film. For example, his persistent nature, ambitious, etc. We can apply these good attitudes and qualities to other things such as school, college, work, living in a social environment, etc. 

Remember, don’t be inspired by gambling activities. Why? We all know that the practice of gambling in our country is prohibited and illegal. A person who is proven to be gambling will be subject to legal sanctions in accordance with article 303. 

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